We’re Number 91 According to MoneySense Magazine

MoneySense Magazine

MoneySense Magazine has published its ranking of the top places to live in Canada, and we’re number 91!

The magazine ranks communities based on 10 categories.

“We gathered data on 415 cities across the country and ranked how they measure up in 10 categories: Wealth and economy, affordability, population growth, taxes, commute, crime, weather, access to health care, amenities and culture.”

The number one city to live in all of Canada was determined to be Oakville. Ottawa was number two.

Collingwood nailed down the number 91 position.

According to MoneySense Magazine’s research, Collingwood’s population was reported to be 23,190.

Here are some of the other reported findings:

Economic region unemployment rate1 – 5.7%
Average Household Income – $89,918
Average Value of Primary Real Estate – $507,796
Average rent for a two-bedroom apartment2 – $1,063
Property Tax Rate – 3%
Average annual property tax bill – $2,763
Population that walks to work – 3%
Population that bikes to work – 1.18%
Population that takes transit to work – 1.56%

Weather Factors
Days per year with rain or snow – 163 (but remember we love snow around these parts!)
Days per year above 0ºC – 216
Days per year above 20ºC – 101

Health, Safety and Community Factors

Doctors’ offices: – 44
Crime rate per 100,000 population – 34,772
Population employed in arts and recreation – 2%

Guelph was ranked 128th while Barrie came in 148th on the list.

Owen Sound was ranked 202nd.

It is interesting to note that according to MoneySense Magazine, the population of Collingwood (23,190) is now greater than Owen Sound (21,721).

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