Watts Boat House – The Day of the Move

The Watts Boat House moved to its new home at the Collingwood Terminals in March, 2007.

If you grew up in Collingwood you no doubt remember Reg Watts riding his bicycle to and from his working day at the Shipyards. His quick sense of humour and his dedication to working on his boat while holding court in the Watts Boat House was a big part of his regular weekly routine. His white hard hat was a regular piece of his wardrobe. He looked as comfortable wearing it as we look wearing a ball cap today. Mr. Watts would briefly stop or at least slow down to say hello if you met him on the street and often belted out a limerick or two that he had just made up. He was a good guy to know and look up to. Eventually, that boat that Mr. Watts worked on for so many years was launched in Collingwood harbour.

Times change. Mr. Watts has long since passed away and the Watts Boat House has been relocated and has taken on a new life.

Here is the story of Council approving the move and photos of moving day for the Watts Boat House along with a follow-up story on the renovation that followed from the archives of CollingwoodLiving.com.

Watts Boat House - The Day of the Move

… and here is a follow-up story

The Collingwood Dragon Boat & Canoe Club Will Restore An Important Piece Of Our Town’s Marine History

The Collingwood Dragon Boat & Canoe Club will be restoring a piece of the town’s marine history, thanks to a one-year $50,000 grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF). Simcoe Grey MPP Jim Wilson, and Alicia Savage, a volunteer with thte Ontario Trillium Foundation, were at Watt’s Boathouse recently to officially congratulate the Club on receiving their grant.

“This is good news for our area,” said Wilson. “The volunteers at the dragon boat and canoe club deserve a great deal of credit for forging ahead with this project and helping to make it a reality” Wilson added.

Funds from the OTF grant will be used to help renovate the former Watt’s Boathouse to accommodate the boats and programs of the dragon boat club. This includes restoring a section of the 130-year-old building damaged by fire set by vandals two years ago.

The club acquired the building from former owner Peter Watts and moved the structure from First Street to its new location close to the Collingwood Terminals last Spring.

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