Waterfront Promenade Park Dedication

News Story from June 2010

It was a proud day for Collingwood town officials, Mayor Chris Carrier, council and Collingwood residents. The Waterfront Promenade Park Dedication in June, 2010, officially opened the former Collingwood Shipyards property for everyone to enjoy.

Bruce Kerr, President of Slokker Real Estate, said his company first became involved in planning to redevelop this key portion of Collingwood’s waterfront in 2003. He said an important three day charette welcomed opinions from Collingwood residents as to what the future should hold for the property. “All of the residents of the Town of Collingwood had that time to come out and tell us what was important to them and what should be in the design. At the end of the three days, we had a design. Today, what you see built here, absolutely could fit into the design we developed way back in 2003.”

“It was a great day for the Town of Collingwood”
–Mayor Chris Carrier

Collingwood Mayor Chris Carrier said it was a great day for the Town of Collingwood. He recognized the contributions of former mayors and council members, adding the opening of this portion of waterfront at the foot of Collingwood’s main street (Hurontario Street) pays tribute to the town’s residents.

Former Collingwood Mayor Ron Emo said the redevelopment of the Shipyard property is terrific for Collingwood because it allows citizens the opportunity to rediscover this historic portion of the town’s waterfront.

Former Collingwood Mayor Terry Geddes said on this day, his thoughts turned to former Collingwood CAO, the late Carmen Morrison. “When we first started this plan back in 1997, our goal was to develop what you see here today. We’re half way through the completion and I’ll be very, very excited as a Collingwood citizen to see this project completed.”

Former Mayor Doug Garbutt said he was glad the day had arrived for the waterfront to be handed back to the citizens of Collingwood. “It’s great to see something finally happening down here. Since 1986 when the yard closed it has been a long struggle to get something built down here.”