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Business Spotlight – Airport Cafe

Sylvia Bray is cooking up a storm at the Collingwood Regional Airport Cafe

As a younger person I used to spend a great deal of time at the Collingwood Regional Airport. I took flying lessons and flew with friends who were far more advanced in their aviation capabilities than I was. Hanging around our airport was most enjoyable back in the day.

There has been much talk in the news over the past few months about whether or not the Town of Collingwood should sell its airport.

Shoving those discussions off the political runway for the time being, let’s take a look at another major reason for you to visit the Collingwood Regional Airport … butter tarts!

And the mouth watering selection even includes butter tarts with coconut!

Sylvia Bray and her staff have been packing them in to the Airport Café for a while now.

The café is open daily for breakfast and lunch, along with outlandishly tasty baked goods from the owner/operator of Grandma’s Beach Treats.

If you haven’t visited your airport for a while, stop by the Airport Café for a tea, coffee, a piece of pie, baked goods, breakfast or lunch. Everything is made to order. While you’re enjoying your visit, talk to the pilots who pop in for a visit. They all have great stories to tell. At any given time planes and/or helicopters of all vintages fly in and out which is always interesting to watch.

If you stop by on a Sunday morning you might even see some media types huddled over a corner table sharing notes and enjoying breakfast. (Media folks always know where to scoop a good breakfast!)


Returning to the airport so many years later to meet friends for breakfast opened my eyes into what a terrific facility we have.

The Collingwood Regional Airport offers services for private and corporate aircraft, charters, sight-seeing, aircraft maintenance and flight training.

The paved, lighted runway is 5,000 feet long, and 100 feet wide to accommodate arrivals of many sizes. The Collingwood Regional Airport provides 24 hour access service for airplane fuel for both jet and piston aircraft.

After more than a decade of negotiations and pitches, the Collingwood Regional Airport finally was awarded approval for customs service by the Canada Border Services Agency in the spring of 2013.

This is great news for Collingwood as planes flying from the United States can now fly directly to the Collingwood airport rather than having to land elsewhere to clear customs before arriving.

From an economic development point of view, being awarded customs service should have opened doors to new opportunities in attracting industries and certainly tourism to Collingwood and to South Georgian Bay.

So, when was the last time you popped into the Collingwood Regional Airport?

Did I tell you how delicious the butter tarts are?

Paul Richards is a retired broadcaster, now freelance writer and publisher of

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