Victoria School Annex Designation Update

UPDATE: Designation of Victoria Annex

The Director of Planning Services for the Town of Collingwood, Nancy Farrer, told Collingwood Council on Monday April 30th that the report was deferred because of a recommendation from the Town’s lawyers.

Development and Operations Services Standing Committee has voted in favour of a Town of Collingwood Staff Report dealing with the state of the Victoria School Annex property at the corner of Sixth and Maple Streets in Collingwood at its April 23rd meeting.

Director of Planning Services for the Town of Collingwood, Nancy Farrer, confirmed with that the Town has been told the Victoria Annex property is now in receivership.

Collingwood Council will discuss the report at its April 30th meeting. It is hoped that council will have received a legal opinion on the status of the ownership of the property in time for its next regular meeting.

Victoria School Then and Now at 400 Maple Street Collingwood

Staff Report P2018-13 submitted by Nancy Farrer, Director, Planning and Building Services, recommended that Council initializes the process of designating 400 Maple Street (Victoria Annex) under Part 4 of the Ontario Heritage Act by directing staff to issue a Notice of Intention to Designate.

In her report Farrer points out that over the past ten years, Council has approved several proposals for the re-development of the 400 Maple Street property.

“Unfortunately to date none of these proposals have come to fruition. In November 2013 as per Resolution No. 437 the building was included on the Municipal Register of Cultural Heritage Properties. Buildings on the Municipal Registry may not be torn down without giving Council sixty (60) days notice in writing of the owner’s intention to demolish.”

The Collingwood Heritage Committee has been focused on the future of the Victoria Annex for many years. Committee members want to make sure the building does not deteriorate to the point where demolition would be the only option. The designation of Victoria Annex has been discussed by the Committee on a number of occasions.

At present, the Town of Collingwood Bylaw Enforcement Department is making sure the building is secure to prevent vandalism or any other type of trespassing that could put people or the building at risk.

Town of Collingwood Clerk Services confirms that on January 17th, 2017 a Property Standards Order was issued on 400 Maple Street. The inspection revealed deficiencies with the exterior of the property, including missing bricks, unsecured bricks, structural issues, roof deterioration and foundation concerns.

The staff report says the Property Standards Order issued at that time was not appealed and therefore has been deemed confirmed. However, the compliance date set to deal with all deficiencies as outlined in the order were not complied with, and therefore a summons to appear in court was issued. The date for first court appearance was March 16th 2017. No one appeared for the defendant on March 16, 2017 and an ex parte trial was set for June 15th, 2018.

“As there are presently no planning applications actively being pursued regarding Victoria Annex, Planning staff support the issuance of a Notice of Intention to Designate. Whenever modifications are proposed to either the surrounding site, or the building itself, the limits of the – 4 – designation may be re-visited. This is the process which was undertaken for the Connaught school redevelopment, although it was simplified, because the building was municipally owned.”

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