Urban Air North Collingwood

Urban Air North Collingwood
Urban Air North Collingwood - Downtown Collingwood

Urban Camping Experience Comes to Downtown Collingwood

You can be excused if you take more than a double-take of the transformation that has taken place up and down Hurontario Street.

Shiny, Classic Airstream travel trailers, and lots of them, have arrived in Downtown Collingwood.

Urban Air North Airstreams has brought visitors from all over North America to Collingwood all in the name of Urban camping.

The team of UrbanAirNorth.ca says the goal is to take the “shiny homes” to small town Canada in an effort to showcase the vision of the Airstream creator, Wally Byam.

“Our choice of Collingwood, Ontario as the location for the 2018 Urban Air North event is strategic. Collingwood fits the bill of a small town with a rich past history of shipbuilding.”

Organizers recognize the neighbours of Wasaga Beach and the Blue Mountains that with Collingwood, work to draw visitors to the South Georgian Bay region.
Up to 100 Airstreams will dominate the downtown Collingwood landscape until September 16th. Many special activities including music, a pancake breakfast and hot air balloon rides are planned to celebrate the unique event.

“This inaugural event will ‘Big up’ downtown, showcase businesses and assist fundraising for local charities. Be part of this historical event, where hot air balloons will take you higher, and the local band will keep your toes tapping.”

The very first of the now familiar sausage-shaped, silver aluminum Airstream trailers, introduced in 1936, was called the “Clipper.” Decades later, the shine of the aluminum and aerodynamic shape makes these timeless treasures instantly identifiable yet unique in every way. These trailers were and still are built and designed to be timeless. Airstream trailers and recreational vehicles are manufactured in Jackson Center, Ohio. Original designs were created by Hawley Bowlus, who had earlier overseen construction of Charles Lindbergh’s aircraft, the Spirit of St. Louis. Today the travel trailors and touring coaches come in many models.

Visit www.urbanairnorth.ca for more

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