Transit Terminal

bus terminal construction begins
Site preparation work is underway as construction begins on Collingwood’s new Transit Terminal at Pine and Second Streets

Work has begun to construct a new Transit Facility at Pine and Second Streets.

Work is now underway on the Transit Facility construction project in downtown Collingwood.

To pave the way for construction, approval was given by Collingwood Council at the April 30th Council meeting for increased budget funding for Downtown Transit Terminal and Washroom Facility.

The additional terminal costs of meeting Heritage guidelines, and providing a fully accessible facility to meet AODA requirements, caused the budget for the transit terminal and washroom facility to increase significantly. With the addition of vandal resistant panels and construction materials that would meet heritage guidelines on the exterior, and commercial grade floors, walls, windows and doors throughout, additional material costs were also incurred.

Council approved an increase in the project budget by $250,000, so that the project may proceed as designed, and be completed in this budget year.

The funds will be allocated from the Federal Gas Tax Reserve Fund, which is consistently applied to capital transit purchases.

Business As Usual For Farmers’ Market

It will be business as usual for the Collingwood Downtown Farmers’ Market during the construction period.

Brooke Girdwood, Farmers’ Market Manager, said a redesign of the market layout was necessary to work around the Transit Terminal construction site.

“Fortunately, construction will not take place on weekends allowing the Collingwood BIA to utilize the parking lots for special events. Locals can be assured the Collingwood Downtown Farmers’ Market will continue to take place every Saturday 8:30am-1pm rain or shine! There have been some slight changes to the layout to accommodate for the construction. Some of your favourite vendors may have relocated to a different booth space but the general template remains the same.”

At its Monday April 23rd meeting, the Town of Collingwood Development & Operations Standing Committee reviewed and approved a staff report prepared by Brian Macdonald, Director Public Works and Engineering, seeking approval for an increase in budget funding for Downtown Transit Terminal and Washroom Facility.

THAT Council receives Staff Report PW2018-05; and,

THAT the Mayor and Council authorize the increase of budget by a total of $250,000 for
the Construction of the Downtown Transit Terminal and Washroom Facility.

Macdonald states in his staff report that the recent expansion of Colltrans to Wasaga Beach and The Blue Mountains has now increased the fleet of vehicles at the downtown Terminal from two buses to five buses.

“This expansion has not only increased the number of buses but it has also increased the number of passengers and operators utilizing the Transit Terminal at the corner of Pine Street and Second Street. Furthermore, passengers and operators are now spending extended periods of time on the buses transferring from different municipalities.”

Macdonald’s report notes that there are few public washroom facilities in the immediate Downtown area to meet the needs of the riders, drivers, and the general public, adding that the requirement for washroom facilities at this location was not an issue when the transit terminal was in its early planning stages.

“As ridership numbers ten years ago were half of what they are currently and the number of routes has now more than doubled.”

The design and construction of the facility was approved in the Town of Collingwood 2017 budget process, and a Request for Proposals (RFP) was issued for an architect for the project.

The Analysis portion of the staff report said the submission of the Construction bids in February 2018 revealed that the budgeted amount of $225,000 was significantly under budgeted and would not cover the actual construction costs discovered in the Tender process.

Town Staff had recommended a budget increase of $250,000 to allow the project to proceed as designed. It is anticipated the construction will be completed in this budget year.

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