Town Staff Accommodations Short and Long Term Under Discussion

A shuffling of town staff throughout municipally owned buildings may be necessary to address growth and restructuring issues.

-Renovation of 10th Line Town of Collingwood building is one option to discuss moving forward

Collingwood Council reviewed the Strategic Options and Master Accommodation Plan at a special Council Meeting on Thursday July 12th.

The report, prepared by the Strategic Initiatives Committee, presented near-term and long-term requirements, an options overview, a financial analysis of options, a five year plan and associated risk issues.

-The Town Hall Annex – Small Business Enterprise Centre could be renovated or expanded to handle future staffing needs

One option under the Near-Term Requirements heading was for the Town to lease an additional 600 to 800 M2 of office space somewhere in the downtown district.

This option would accommodate interim moves during renovations in the near-term, alleviate crowded conditions and loss of meeting rooms at Town Hall and provide flexibility for change, improvements and potential growth.

In addition, current Town owned sites could see operations streamlined to better accommodate space and meet staffing requirements.

Streamline operations sites:
• Potential to move Water Operations to 545 Tenth Line (expand garage space and renovate office space to house Public Works and Water Operations staff)
• Investigate office expansion at 545 Tenth Line to house Water and Public Works Administration, alternately, potentially purchase the GTHS building
• Stewart Road site continues to house Collus Powerstream but would be surplus to Town’s needs
• PRC Operations continues at 507 Tenth Line. Second floor office space renovated and used on an interim basis.

The report stated that between 1,920 and 2,100 M2 of additional space is needed to accommodate long-term staffing requirements of 15 to 20 years.

It presented two options:
• Annex to Town Hall – 3-storey building in a heritage style on BDC site and a portion of parking lot (displace 16 parking spots)
• Purchase an existing building (approximately 2,100 M2) in the downtown core. Council and some admin functions remain in the existing Town Hall (renovated).

It was suggested that whatever the plan ends up being, the Town should monitor the real estate market for potential acquisitions.

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