Syrian Family Picnic at Sunset Point

Syrian Family Picnic Sunset Point Park
Syrian families enjoyed a picnic on a warm summer evening at Sunset Point Park in Collingwood
-photo: Thom Vincent

The Syrian Family Committee of Collingwood organized a fun picnic at Sunset Park for the five Syrian families we now have sponsored to Collingwood. The event was held on Monday August 27th.

Real bonds have been created and friendships have been formed.

Tara Bailey from Elephant Thoughts and the Syrian Family Committee said that seeing the Syrian families interacting with the guests in attendance is a testament to how well the newcomers are integrating into the Collingwood community.

“Real bonds have been created and friendships have been formed. There has been an amazing network of people involved and I think the fact that other families and individuals are coming to our area speaks volumes towards the positive experiences these families are having. People still reach out to support our sponsorship initiative and because of this we are going to sponsor another family – the third for our group.”

Bailey says the committee is currently fundraising to raise the remaining dollars to make the latest sponsorship effort happen.

“We are close, so all support is appreciated.”

The committee reminds us that while concern for Syrian refugee families isn’t always the lead story in the news, the war continues and the need for safe resettlement remains urgent.

Committee Working to Welcome 6th Syrian Family to Collingwood

Collingwood resident and founder of Balmoral Village Thomas Vincent has been an important member of the committee to bring Syrian families to Collingwood.

“I feel so proud that the Community of Collingwood has responded so overwhelmingly in support of bringing refugee families to our Town. Having the idea to start the Syrian Family Foundation is one thing, but to see the groundswell of support to assist these families in their time of need and help them become proud Canadians is the best. Ruth Plant and Tara Bailey, co chairs, have been stellar in their leadership with our community volunteers. We are now raising funds to bring in our sixth family and people can go to our website to donate a few dollars to assist us. Thank you Collingwood.”

Photography – Thom Vincent

If you would like to help the Syrian Family Committee by volunteering your time and resources CLICK HERE to visit the web site to see a list of contacts for the various committees.

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