SOS Collingwood – Save Our Shoreline

Concerned residents have formed a group known as S.O.S. (Save Our Shoreline) Collingwood in an attempt to bring attention to and stop a plan to build a hotel on a west end site known locally as the Bear Estate.

Concerned residents want to protect this portion of wetlands along the waterfront near the Bear Estate in Collingwood’s west end

The group is concerned that Collingwood Town Council might approve the construction of a new 5 storey, 600-person conference centre with an adjoining 6 storey hotel and Collingwood’s first above-ground multi-level parking lot for 225 cars on a site that is situated only 1.2 meters from an Environmentally Protected shoreline area on Georgian Bay.

Application documents have been filed with the Town but have yet to appear before Council.

Living Water Resort (Cranberry Inn) Phase 4 and 5 (Cranberry Inn) and Bear Estate Addition

19 Keith Avenue, and 300 Balsam St., Collingwood, ON or SSCP No. 372

Law Cranberry Resort Limited Partnership

Henry Chiu, Henry Chiu Architect

Civil Engineer:
C.C. Tatham & Associates Ltd. Michael Buske

Landscape Architect:
Strybos Barron King Landscape Architecture, Matt Strybos

Municipal Planner:
Senior Planner, Trevor Houghton,

Project Descriptions:
Site area 6.776 HA, Phase IV: 54 Units, Phase V: 66 Units – Building area Phase IV: 9197.30 sq.m Phase V: 8462.85 sq.m

This project is within the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authorities area. This project was last reviewed as part of a Site Plan Control Agreement in 2015 (Town File No. D111315).

SOS Collingwood Launches New Website

S.O.S. Collingwood has created a web site,, has published print material to recap the history of the site, and has created a petition to present to Collingwood Council.

“The land adjacent to the Provincially Sensitive Wetlands was re-zoned to “Resort Commercial” back in 2008. At the time this occurred there was a small cottage on the property known as the Bear Estate. Because that cottage was built before Collingwood had modern land-use controls, it was located extremely close to the water. To accommodate this pre-existing structure when the property was re-zoned the “set-back” from the Environmentally Protected area was set at 1.2 meters. No other Resort Commercial property in Collingwood that abuts an Environmentally Protected zone has such a narrow set-back. In fact, all other property that abuts this particular wetland has a setback of 7.5 meters – 5 times greater! “

Jeff Newton President SSCC #318 has written to Doug Hevenor, Chief Administrative Officer of the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority, Ms. Gail Ardiel, Chair Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority and Mayor Sandra Cooper and Collingwood Town Council, on behalf of the residents of Simcoe Standard Condominium Corporations #318, #219, #230, #237, #244 and #258, concerning the development application for the Living Waters/Bear Estate site located at the intersection of Harbour and Balsam Streets in the Town of Collingwood.

The letter provided a summary of the most significant issues the group has identified with the proposed development.

“It is our view that the type of development being proposed for this shoreline area is completely incompatible with the sensitive natural habitats and ecosystems in the area, habitat’s that Collingwood’s own official plan describes as “Collingwood’s most sensitive natural resources”. We believe it would be irresponsible to permit this development to proceed solely on the basis of exploiting a set back exception granted a decade ago for a completely different purpose. Our residents urge you to reject the current application and require the developer to revise its proposal so as to reduce the size of the proposed structures and so as to locate them at a significantly greater distance from the provincially sensitive wetlands. “

Mr. Newton’s letter requests an opportunity to meet to discuss concerns with this development application and explore possible amendments that might make it more compatible with the ecologically sensitive wetlands in the area.

Mayor Sandra Cooper says a presentation with regards to this specific development has not been provided to the Town of Collingwood, nor has a staff report been provided to Collingwood Council.

An application has been made to the Town and the related staff report is pending as the Town waits for a response from the NVCA.

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