Shipyard Official Plan Amendment

A meeting of Development & Operations Services Standing Committee was held Monday, January 22, 2018 in the Community Rooms B & C, Library/Municipal Offices.

The committee received a staff report dealing with an Official Plan Amendment for the Shipyards property.

Staff Report P2018-02 Shipyards “Condominium E” and “Side Launch 2”; Official Plan Amendment

THAT Council adopt an Official Plan Amendment for proposed townhouse development lands (Shipyards Condominium E and Side Launch 2)

The staff report states that the purpose of this Amendment to the Official Plan of the Town of Collingwood is to re-designate a portion of the Shipyards “Condominium E” lands from Live/Work Residential to Medium Density Residential and to re-designate a portion of the Shipyards “Side Launch 2” lands from Commercial to Medium Density Residential.

This Amendment will also delete in its entirety the Live/Work Residential policies from the Shipyards – Special Policy Area part of the Town’s Official Plan and reserve this subsection for future use.

The property subject to this Amendment is located on the northeast corner of North Pine Street and Side Launch Way and extends eastward to the boundary of the Town’s Promenade parkland block. The land is legally described as Part of Block 4, Registered Plan 51M-926, Town of Collingwood.

The Amendment would remove the Live/Work Residential and the Commercial designations from the proposed Shipyards “Condominium E” and the “Side Launch 2” development lands. The development of “Condominium E” and the “Side Launch 2” projects no longer contemplate the construction of any live/work dwelling units or commercial units. As such the continuation of the Live/Work Residential and the Commercial designations at this location is not needed.

Council held a public meeting regarding the proposed Official Plan Amendment (and the associated Zoning By-law Amendment) on November 27th, 2017.

“Live/Work Residential” is defined in Section 10 of the Official Plan as a residential dwelling unit where ground floor commercial uses are permitted to a maximum of 50% of the gross floor area of the dwelling.

“Home Occupation” is defined in Section 10 of the Official Plan as a business which is carried on for gain or profit, as an accessory use and only by members of the one household residing within the dwelling house or unit, except as specifically otherwise permitted.

The matter will appear before full Collingwood Council on January 29, 2019.

construction continues on new housing units at The Shipyards in Collingwood

Building continues throughout the winter months to the immediate west of the portion of property under review for official plan amendment at the Shipyards development.

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