Shipyard Construction

Full Speed Ahead for construction of new housing units at The Shipyards

Construction is in full swing at the Collingwood Shipyards.

The empty parcels of land within the Collingwood Shipyards property are filling up, and they are filling up quickly.

The Fram Group purchased the Shipyards property in 2003. Construction of the first units began three years later on the parcel of land situated between Heritage Way and Sobey’s. Now, people are lining up to purchase new homes before they are built.

Many years have passed since the launch of this massive waterfront development in Collingwood and market demands have changed since the original subdivision plan was approved. However, the new build at the Shipyards needed to better cater to the wants and needs of today’s waterfront community buyer who is looking for very specific amenities.

The original plan called for the construction of a second condominium building to mirror the existing sidelaunch condominiums. However, the demand for town houses is now front and centre in today’s marketplace.

With this in mind, on June 26th 2017, The FRAM Building Group appeared before Collingwood Council to ask for a Zoning By-Law Amendment which would clear the way for new home construction on land connecting to the east side of Pine Street North, east to the former launch basin.

Trevor Houghton, Senior Planner for the Town of Collingwood explained that the purpose and effect of the proposed Zoning By-law Amendment application was to rezone the subject property from the Deferred Residential (DR) zone to a Residential Third Density –Exception (R3-E) zone. This R3-E zone would create site-specific exceptions to allow the proposed development of 28 townhouse dwelling units on the subject property. These exceptions may include the reductions of minimum yard setbacks, the increase of maximum lot coverage and the decrease of minimum landscaped open space.

Anthony Di Santo was on hand from Fram Slokker to answer questions and deal with any concerns regarding the requesting amendment from Council and the public. It was pretty much “smiles all around” as it is obvious that town officials and the public are pleased to see construction hit high gear again.

construction continues on new housing units at The Shipyards in Collingwood
Construction is well underway on new town homes along north Pine Street in The Shipyards

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The Partnership

The FRAM Building Group dates back five generations and was founded 30 years ago by John Giannone. The firm’s web site tells us that it has constructed over 13,000 residences from custom homes to exceptional single family, multi-family condominium and rental homes as well as mixed-use and commercial properties. The Slokker Real Estate Company is a family company company founded in 1935 in the Netherlands and is active throughout the world in development, construction, management and ownership of real estate. Slokker has developed and build more than 75,000 homes and 28 million square feet of commercial real estate.

Looking Back – Construction of new housing units at the Shipyards begins on North Maple Street

A Look Back

Here is a video report that looks back at the dedication ceremony of the Waterfront Promenade Park Dedication.

At the January 2004 open house, the Fram Group’s Frank Giannone (above left) said he hoped to see road and services construction begin in the Spring with housing construction begin in the Fall. Mayor Terry Geddes (above right, pointing) said that Collingwood residents will be able to walk along the waterfront at the new Shipyard development.

Looking back to January 2004, the Fram Group held an open house to meet Collingwood residents and to receive feedback on the plans for development on the former shipyard property.

On Thursday January 15th, 2004, residents of Collingwood attended a special public meeting held by the Fram Group, developers of the former Shipyard property. The Fram Group’s Frank Giannone said he walked away from public meetings in the fall of 2003 knowing the extreme importance of waterfront access to residents of Collingwood. With this in mind, and other points raised at last Fall’s public meetings taken into consideration, the Fram Group returned to Collingwood with revised development plans for the downtown waterfront property.

“What we’re seeing here today is really a continuation of the work that we presented after we held the public meetings last Fall” Giannone said. “We’ve been working with the town and their consultants to address some of the issues that came up from our plan, to make sure that where we are going in terms of road widths, access to the waterfront, building heights and architecture works within with what the town’s standards and specifications are in terms of developments such as this” Giannone added.

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