Roof Over Outdoor Rink

In this article from May, 2009, Collingwood Council voted in favour of exploring options of constructing a roof over the outdoor rink at Central Park.

Collingwood Council Passed Motion To Apply For Government Funding To Cover Outdoor Rink At Central Park

Collingwood's need for a second indoor ice surface has taken a step towards becoming a reality. Council has passed a motion to apply for government funding to cover the outdoor rink at Central Park. Back_OutdoorHockey1 In a 4-3 vote, Deputy Mayor Sandra Cooper along with councillors Mike Edwards, Kathy Jeffery and Norm Sandberg voted in favour of the motion, while Mayor Chris Carrier and Councilors Sonny Foley and Ian Chadwick voted against the motion. Mayor Chris Carrier agrees that the need for a second ice surface in Collingwood is obvious. Carrier said that the motion came as a surprise on Monday night (May 25th). "I was not given a heads up, staff was not given a heads up, and I'm not aware of any councilor who knew this motion was coming out" Carrier said. In addition, Mayor Carrier said that he was concerned that the motion arrived at the council table without necessary background information and proper documentation to support it. "Our Leisure Services Master Plan called for the need for council to make some tough decisions. Planning better for the future means saying 'no' to something like this now, because we can have something better in five years" Carrier said, adding that if this funding application is approved and construction moves forward to cover the outdoor facility, plans for a new double ice pad for the town could be delayed as a result. Back_OutdoorHockey2 Councilor Mike Edwards disagrees that moving forward to cover the outdoor facility at this time would jeopardize further plans for a multi-use facility. "Although I believe this is a separate issue, I personally don't think putting on a roof or enclosing the present outdoor ice surface will close the door on future discussion regarding a multi-use facility" Edwards said. Edwards feels it is important to move forward with covering the outdoor rink now. "This improvement I believe, would give protection from the elements, sun, snow, rain etc. thereby providing better and more predictable ice condition that would reduce maintenance and running costs. It would extend the skating season and reduce/eliminate cancellations, especially for those who have booked the ice for a private function, or the general public. It would increase the amount of rental ice time available for all groups, likely practice times for hockey, that would free up ice time at the Eddie Bush arena for other groups thereby reducing the need to go out of town for ice time. This would improve service to our community groups, tax payers, and ultimately increase revenue. There are certainly more advantages but I feel these are major ones" Edwards said. Councilor Edwards said the ice rink at Central Park was designed and constructed to allow modules such as the roof, walls, etc. to be added at a later date. He said additional money was spent at the time the rink was constructed to allow this to happen. Back_OutdoorHockey3 The Canadian Tire Cup Hockey tournament in February featured 12 teams in two divisions. The dressing rooms were certainly not fancy, but everyone was enjoying the experience of playing outdoors despite the bitterly cold -15 degree temperatures. Back_OutdoorHockey4 Mayor Carrier is concerned about the possible cost to Collingwood residents, saying that council wasn't presented with the necessary budget information when the motion was put forth to apply for government funding. "If you as a tax payer asked me how much this will cost, how would I know" Carrier said. It is estimated the cost to put a roof over the outdoor facility would be $900,000.00 with the town responsible for one-third of that figure. CLICK HERE TO RETURN TO LOOKING BACK MAIN PAGE