Raising Propeller from Harbour

Looking back to 2003

A propeller dating as far back as the 1890’s has been successfully raised from the bottom of the Collingwood Harbour.

The propeller had been discovered two years ago by Ron Westlake as he and his wife were leaving Collingwood Harbour for a day of sailing. Previous attempts over the past two years by members of the Collingwood Yacht Club including Westlake to raise the propeller had failed. Harbourlands Committee Chairperson Jim Kilgour said the two-ton propeller was finally raised with the help of the Canadian Coastguard on Monday just before noon.

It is not known how the propeller ended up at the bottom of the harbour or from which boat the propeller was once a part of. Kilgour estimates the propeller was once a part of a 300 to 400 foot freighter that had run aground trying to leave Collingwood harbour in the early spring in the late 1800’s. He says the boat was probably towed back into dry dock for repairs, but no record exists of any of this ever taking place.

Kilgour says he hopes to have the propeller cleaned and placed at the entrance to Harbourland Park. He hopes further investigation will determine the origin of the propeller. Kilgour says the raising of the propeller adds another chapter to the town’s already rich maritime history.