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Welcome to Hitline Countown Radio on, where we offer up three songs that you won’t hear programmed on commercial radio any more, at least, not back-to-back-to-back!

No, we’re letting regular radio play all of the new music over and over and over and over and over and over again while we get a little bit creative with our playlist … the way radio used to be!

Hitline Countdown Radio – 11

Hitline Countdown Radio – 10

Hitline Countdown Radio – 9

Hitline Countdown Radio – 8

Hitline Countdown Radio – 7

Hitline Countdown Radio – 6

Hitline Countdown Radio – 5

Hitline Countdown Radio – 4

Hitline Countdown Radio – 3

Hitline Countdown Radio – 2

Hitline Countdown Radio – 1

Firstly we roll out a popular song that enjoyed good chart action back in the day, followed up by something more mellow from our “Northern Light” collection and finishing with a song that has, for some reason, fallen through the cracks. A great tune but a song you just don’t hear on the radio any more. Some of the cuts from our Northern Light collection are custom recordings featuring local and regional talent!

More to come … thanks for listening! news update

Winter Farmers’ Market – Collingwood
The Collingwood Winter Farmers’ Market has been a big success in its first year of operation. Vendors are happy to have a market that carries on past the final Pine Street summer market that winds up on the Thanksgiving weekend.

Junior B Hockey
Is the time right to bring back Junior B Hockey to Collingwood? Former Collingwood Mayor Terry Geddes says the answer is “yes.”

News Update
Here’s an audio news recap of events from the busy Christmas Holiday period

Clearview Township Pulls Away from Collingwood Regional Airport
Collingwood Councillor and Deputy Mayor want more answers as to why Clearview Township Council has pulled away from the regional airport table.

Leah Denbok – Photographs & Stories of the Homeless
Leah Denbok – NOWHERE TO CALL HOME – Photographs & Stories of the Homeless
A book signing and Gallery Exhibition was held at the Collingwood Public Library on Wednesday December 6th.

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