Premier Doug Ford says Prime Minister Trudeau has been a no-show regarding cannabis legalization launch

Ontario Premier Doug Ford at OPP Conference at Blue Mountain Resort

Ontario Premier Doug Ford attended the OPP Annual Meeting at Blue Mountain Resort on Tuesday October 16th.

His attendance coincided with the launch of legal cannabis in Ontario on Wednesday October 17th, and he didn’t hold back in expressing his concerns and pointing fingers.

Ford said that this is a very important week for law enforcement.

“It is an important week for communities and families across Ontario. The Federal Government has decided that this week, cannabis will be legalized.“

He said that every community, every parent, everyone who is concerned about what Ontario will look like after the legalization of cannabis is depending on the police.

“Because it will be our OPP officers, our law enforcement around Ontario who will be keeping organized crime and the illegal market out of our communities following October 17th.”

Doug Ford Justin Trudeau

“… he might as well be in the witness protection program”
–Premier Doug Ford speaking about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Ford was especially to the point in expressing his views that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has mishandled the situation, stating that Trudeau has been a virtual no-show now that October 17th legalization has arrived.

“With legalization upon us, where’s Justin Trudeau? He’s not boastful any more. We can’t even find the guy. When it comes to defending his plans for cannabis Justin Trudeau has been a no show. When it comes to defending his cannabis plan he might as well be in the witness protection program.”

Ford said the federal government has not given police a single reliable piece of equipment to test for drug impaired driving.

“This is deeply concerning and make no mistake, y rushing legal cannabis out of the door before assuring police have the tools they need, the Trudeau liberals are putting people at risk.”