Photos from out and about

We’re always taking photos to show off what living in Collingwood and surrounding area is all about. Here are just a few …

One Fish Hut – Solitude

Gusty winds and whipped up snow made for a chilly morning at Collingwood harbour.

Sidelaunch Snow Bench
After the storm – Sidelaunch Snow Bench

Anchor's Away on Heritage Way
Anchor’s Away on Heritage Way

View from the Bench on a blustery winter morning

Lighthouse Hiding In The Squall
Hiding in the Squall

New Year’s Day Freeze – Outer Harbour

snow storm at Sunset Point
Snowstorm at Sunset Point

windy harbour
Windy Harbour

The Beginning of a new ski season
And so begins another ski season

Maple Leaf in River
Fall – Maple Leaf in River

Maple Leaf Log Jam
Fall – Maple Leaf Log Jam

Late Fall Day – Waterfall

Log jam at the dam
Log jam at the dam

frosty lighthouse
Frosty Lighthouse – Steam Devils – from the archives of

frosty outer harbour
Frosty Outer Harbour

frosty outer harbour 2
Frosty Outer Harbour 2

coldest seat in the house
Coldest Seat in the House

Red Chair Blue
Red Chair at Blue

Ice Spray Bench Harbour
Ice Spray at Millennium Overlook

ice spray Collingwood harbour 2
Ice Spray at Millennium Overlook – 2

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