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Council Holds Public Meeting To Learn More About Proposed Harbourfront Development

Collingwood council heard a presentation on Monday January 29th, dealing with a proposed zoning amendment to allow for the construction of three – six storey condominium/retail buildings between the former Shipyard dry dock and Heritage Way.

Ken Hale, RPP, MCIP, from Dunn Capital Corporation, stated that the current zoning permits townhouses, stacked townhouses, walk-up apartments, high-rise apartments, home occupations, etc., with a minimum of 40 dwelling units to a maximum of 130 dwelling units, with the maximum building height not exceed 6 storeys.

The proposed Official Plan Amendment stated the base policies of the Shipyards Mixed Use designation will apply such as:

1. Downtown-Core permitted uses and policies apply. No department stores, large food supermarkets or large floor plate retail uses

2. Medium Density Residential uses also continue to be permitted

3. Building height shall not exceed six storeys and the Shipyards Architectural Design Guidelines apply

The following exceptions to the Shipyards Mixed Use designation are being sought:

1. Max. gross floor area for all “retail commercial establishment” is max. 1,859 sq.m, and any single retail commercial establishment is max. 500 sq.m;

2. The “retail commercial establishment” may be permitted at grade anywhere on the site

3. Min. 40 units to a max. 130 units

Mr. Hale stated that the approvals, if granted, would allow for the same zoning as all of the Downtown Core and allow for the property to include a hotel, restaurants, offices, retail commercial in addition to the already approved residential units.

“The subject lands are currently designated and zoned for 40-130 residential units in building(s) up to 6 storeys in height. The requested OPA and ZBA, if approved, would allow for the additional uses on the land that are consistent with the Town’s Waterfront Master plan and provide for public access to the waterfront.”

Town of Collingwood Senior Planner Trevor Houghton talked about when the initial planning permission was granted to what was then the Shipyard’s development.

“The public meetings were held on the Shipyards official plan amendment component for sure and probably the plan of subdivision, I’m going to say the applications were submitted around 2004 and 2005. The official plan amendment number two came into effect mid-to-late 2006 and the plan of subdivision was draft approved and it was registered mid-2009.”

The public meeting also allowed for comments from Collingwood residents. Most negative comments dealt with the proposed six storey height of the three harbourfront buildings and the fact that the buildings would block the view to the waterfront.

Bill Patrick expressed his concerns about the development. Mr. Patrick moved to Collingwood from Oakville five years ago and lives close to the proposed building site. He said that he saw the development grow along Toronto’s waterfront and that construction of huge condo buildings and hotels ruined the views to the water.

“I was shocked when I read this. And I think the thing that I’m here to say that I totally disagree with is the six storey height. If you look at Hurontario Street, just about every building is two storeys high. I think you can probably count on one hand the number of six storey buildings along Collingwood’s waterfront. I look at those drawings and I apologize if I’m offending anybody but I really think some of them aren’t to scale. When you look at them it doesn’t look like what I think six storeys are going to look like on these buildings. I feel very, very strongly about this issue and I think it will be a terrible, terrible mistake that this town will make, that they’ll live with for a long time, and I think that if it goes ahead you can call it “an Imperfect World” as opposed to “a Perfect World.”

Margaret Mooy is the former Chair of Collingwood’s Heritage Committee. She expressed her concerns on how the proposed development will impact the town.

“This development and the proposed changes impacts all that makes Collingwood special. I feel that it impacts Collingwood in a negative way. When part of Collus was sold years ago, one of the community’s expressed ways of spending the that money was to keep greenspace along the harbourfront and keep it as greenspace that was for the common use of the community. That did not happen at that time. It did not however lessen the desire to see the waterfront as an entry to Collingwood’s downtown. A six storey condominium building will block our last view of the water.”

The proposed Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment has been submitted for a vacant block of land legally described as Block 10, Plan 51M-926, Town of Collingwood located at the northwest corner of Side Launch Way and Heritage Drive. This block of land is located within the Shipyards Plan of Subdivision and the project name is Perfect World Collingwood.

The purpose of the proposed Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment is to re-designate and rezone the Perfect World Collingwood property. The effect of the proposed Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment is to allow the property to be developed as three (3), six-storey mixed-used buildings of commercial uses and residential dwelling units.

The proposed Official Plan Amendment would re-designate the property from the Shipyards Medium Density Residential designation to a Shipyards Mixed Use – Exception (MU-E) designation. This MU-E designation starts with the permissions of the current Shipyards Mixed Use policies and adds certain exceptions. The exceptions include allowing at grade retail commercial uses anywhere on the property, limiting the maximum amount of retail commercial establishment permitted on the property, limiting the maximum amount of gross floor area of any single retail commercial establishment use, and permitting a minimum of 40 dwelling units to a maximum of 130 dwelling units.

The proposed Zoning By-law Amendment would rezone the property from the Deferred Residential (DR) zone to a Downtown Core Commercial – Exception (C1-E) zone. This C1-E zone would include exceptions such as, but not limited to, the amount of retail commercial space, the maximum building height, the maximum front and exterior yard setbacks, the underground parking garage setbacks, and the required parking for the hotel use.

Artist aerial view of proposed A Perfect World Collingwood harbourfront development to be constructed between the former Shipyards’ dry dock and Heritage Way

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