Parkbridge Head Office Official Plan Amendment

Development & Operations Services Standing Committee will review STAFF REPORT #P2018-30 regarding a proposed Official Plan Amendment for the lands known as 70 Huron Street when it meets on Monday September 17th.

The Staff Report is recommending that Council adopt an Official Plan Amendment to permit the commercial development of the Parkbridge Head Office.

The purpose of the proposed Official Plan Amendment is to re-designate the lands located at 70 Huron Street to permit the commercial development of an office building to serve as Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities Inc.’s Head Office.

The effect of the proposed Official Plan Amendment would 1) re-designate the subject lands from Residential – Medium Density to Downtown Commercial Core Exception Two (DC-2); 2) to delete the subject property from Residential Density Schedule ‘C’ and 3) to create Official Plan policies specific for this Downtown Commercial Core Exception Two (DC-2) designation to restrict the permitted uses to business offices.

Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities Inc. plans to move its National Headquarters from Calgary to Collingwood with the construction of a maximum three storey office building.

Criteria for moving to Collingwood included locating within a regional market that represents Parkbridge’s business and its associated communities; high visibility for potential customers; unique town character and outdoor lifestyle. In addition the Huron Street location was chosen because of its convenient access to downtown amenities and businesses.

Parkbridge identified the need to locate in a community capable of supporting recruitment efforts for an expanding business.

The company spent many months investigating various sites in the Town of Collingwood.

In doing so, there were very few options that met the criteria of being convenient to the downtown and it amenities while at the same time having exposure for this nationally significant office building.

Surrounding land uses include Huron Street include Highway 26, environmental protection lands, and Georgian Bay to the north; the former unopened Peel Street road allowance and residential lands (multi-unit apartment building) to the west and residential lands (single detached residential units) to the east and south.

2 Public Meetings have been held to receive comments

Parkbridge hosted two informal Public Information Centres on April 16, 2018 and June 19, 2018 to present the proposed development and receive feedback from the community. Town Council held a Statutory Public Meeting regarding a proposed Official Plan Amendment and Zoning Bylaw Amendment on June 25, 2018. Based on the verbal comments received at the Statutory Public Meeting in response to the proposal, the common themes are
1) building height
2) traffic
3) parking
4) drainage and stormwater management
5) landscaping/buffering; and
6) environmental

In addition, comments have been received in the form of written submissions. CLICK HERE to view these comments

Planning Services staff has provided comments for the consideration of Council including the necessity of constructing a new left turn lane on Huron Street (Pretty River Parkway). The current proposal for the left turn lane widening requires an encroachment onto the Environmental Protection lands to the north, owned by the Town. An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is necessary in order for this work to proceed in this manner.

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