OPP Distracted Driving


You may have noticed police taking a closer look at drivers of cars and trucks over the March Break.

Between March 12th and March 18th, 2018 members of the Huronia West OPP conducted a distracted driving campaign.

Officers were in Clearview Township, Springwater Township and The Town of Wasaga Beach targeting drivers using their handheld devices while behind the wheel. In total, 211 drivers were charged. 4 drivers were caught more than once during the campaign. Officers also seized open alcohol and cocaine from motorists.

2017 marked the fifth consecutive year that inattentive drivers were behind the highest number of lives lost on OPP-patrolled roads.

Huronia West OPP Inspector Philip (Phil) Browne says: “The results of the distracted driving campaign are the product of partnerships with the Huronia West Detachment and Community Policing Committees.

The Huronia West Detachment is committed to keeping our roads safe with the application of effective targeted traffic enforcement strategies throughout the detachment area”.

There is more to distracted driving than simply talking on your phone. When drivers aren’t focused on the road, accidents can happen fast.

While using a phone to talk or text are what most people think of when talking about distracted driving, things like eating, drinking, reading, checking maps or scrolling through a playlist are all dangerous activities because they take the drivers’ mind away from what is happening on the road.

The Huronia West OPP Distracted Driving Campaign was made possible with the assistance of concerned community members. Officers would like to thank the Clearview Policing Committee and Sinton Landmark for their support.

Tips to avoid Distracted Driving

The Province of Ontario suggests the use any of these tips to avoid distracted driving and its penalties:

• turn off your phone or switch it to silent mode before you get in the car. Put it in the glove compartment (lock it, if you have to) or in a bag on the back seat.
• before you leave the house, record an outgoing message that tells callers you’re driving and you’ll get back to them when you’re off the road. Some apps can block incoming calls and texts, or send automatic replies to people trying to call or text you.
• ask a passenger to take a call or respond to a text for you.
• if you must respond, or have to make a call or send a text, carefully pull over to a safe area
• silence notifications that tempt you to check your phone

Calling 911

In an emergency, you can use your phone to call 911, but be sure to pull off the road to a safe area to make the call.

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