Offer of New Score Clock for Downtown Arena

— photos courtesy Barrie Colts Hockey Club – Barrie Molson Centre

A Major Upgrade to the Score Clock in the Downtown Collingwood Arena Is On The Way

Collingwood Council has voted in favour of a Staff Report from Dean Collver, Director of Parks, Recreation, and Culture, outlining an opportunity to replace the centre-hung score clock in the Eddie Bush Memorial Arena.


THAT Council receive report PRC2018-07

AND THAT Council approve $80,000 to be withdrawn from the Capital Contingency Reserve
and use as an upset limit in the acquisition and installation of the centre-hung score clock
currently owned by the Barrie Colts hockey club.

Collver says in his report that staff was recently approached by the Barrie Colts Major Junior A Hockey Team with regards to replacing the existing centre-ice clock.

“As a Major Junior hockey organization in the Ontario Hockey League, playing televised games in front of nearly 4,000 live spectators each night, their score clock is a centerpiece of the game experience. The Colts are currently preparing to remove their older clock and replace it with an updated version. The Town of Collingwood is being offered the opportunity to purchase the older clock once it is removed from the Barrie Molson Centre this summer.”

The current clock (pictured above) in the downtown Collingwood arena was installed in 1993. It is based on incandescent lighting with worn electrical fixtures that require additional maintenance. After 25 years of operation, Collver says it is becoming increasingly difficult to find replacement parts.

Collver says a capital budget of $60,000 was currently planned to replace the clock 2019.

“With no current Junior hockey tenant in the EBMA, staff have been assessing the replacement of the existing clock with a wall-mounted version. While not equivalent to the current clock’s functionality, a wall-mounted clock would be less expensive and serve all of the basic functions for minor hockey and adult hockey leagues.”

The Barrie Colts’ clock was installed in 2008 for a cost of $450,000 and is still comprised of current technology with all LED fixtures and full colour 8mm LED screens for video presentation. The system is run by both a conventional back end, for the entry of the various timing and score functions, and a simple video editing suite. To purchase this clock new would cost approximately $1 million.

Collver’s staff report says the Barrie Colts hockey club has offered to sell the clock to the Town of Collingwood for $60,000 (plus installation costs estimated to be $20,000) with no residual obligations to the Colts by the Town (i.e. the Town would own the clock and all of its future revenue potential outright following the purchase).

There are significantly more opportunities to advertise on the Colts clock versus the current clock in the Collingwood arena.

Collver says C.C. Tatham Engineering has confirmed that the roof of the Eddie Bush Memorial Arena is sufficiently built to support the hanging of the new score clock.

The Eddie Bush Memorial Arena in downtown Collingwood continues to perform 69 years after it first played host to a hockey game. That is a good news story. It has certainly out performed other arenas built in the 1950’s in communities around the region (most of which have now disappeared) and is well equipped to keep functioning well into the future.

Could an announcement of a return of Junior Hockey be in the works?

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