Noise ByLaw Goes Back To Staff

construction continues on new housing units at The Shipyards in Collingwood

Council Votes Down Noise By-law – Shelburne Model – With Exemptions

The volleyball game that the Town’s proposed new noise bylaw has become has gone back to staff for further recommendations.

Collingwood Council defeated a motion to accept Staff Report C2018-06 Draft Noise Control By-law – Option 4 (Shelburne Model); Investigate exemption opportunities (Report added by addendum).

THAT Staff Report C2018-12, recommending that Council authorize proceeding with the following exemption process, based on the Shelburne model for construction equipment related noise, and enact and pass Noise Control By-law 2018-XX, be approved:

Construction equipment noise provisions not come into effect until September 1, 2018, to provide appropriate notice as numerous contractors have already made commitments and mobilized their crews for the 2018 season;

Noise from construction equipment be exempted if there are no directly abutting and adjacent residential dwellings.

During the lengthy discussion session, Mayor Sandra Cooper said she saw this proposal as being anti-business in Collingwood. Cooper said she felt the restrictions proposed would destroy the ability of working class people to make a living.

Town of Collingwood CAO Fareed Amin told council that the economic impact on the community needs to be well thought out prior to introducing amendments to the Town’s noise bylaw. Amin said he thinks it is only fair and reasonable for council to allow the development industry some kind of phase-in provision with any proposed changes to the bylaw.

“I think it would be challenging at best if council were to approve a bylaw without giving the development industry some ability to adjust to your requirements. I think that is the right thing to do. I also think that it is from a legal perspective, it will also reduce our risk of liabilities. If we are going to propose a prohibition on certain types of construction on Saturdays then there should be a phase-in period to allow the development industry to adjust.”

Clerk Sara Almas said staff will now bring back a new staff report dealing with the issue at the next Council meeting.

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