No Comment from Ontario Junior Hockey League Commissioner on Potential Junior “A” Franchise

A group led by Dave Steele, current General Manager and Head Coach of the Stayner Siskins Junior C hockey club, is looking to bring back Tier Two Junior “A” hockey to the Collingwood Eddie Bush Memorial Arena.

Steele is working with the Major Junior A Barrie Colts to ice a team in Collingwood next season. The Collingwood team would be known as the Collingwood Colts.

Steele told CTV News Barrie that a team has been purchased and his group is now going through the process of moving the team to Collingwood.

The Collingwood Colts would play in the OJHL Tier Two Junior “A” league. The league consists of 22 teams in four divisions. Many of the teams are based in the GTA but the league has teams in Lindsay, Whitby, Kingston, Cobourg, Brantford, Newmarket, Buffalo and Aurora.

Marty Savoy is Commissioner of the Ontario Junior Hockey League.

Mr. Savoy was not able to talk about any possible ownership transfer that would see a Junior “A” team relocate to Collingwood for the start of the 2019-2020 hockey season.

“The league does not make any public comments on potential ownership transfers until the completion of the process for the transfer of the club has been finalized. That process includes the submission of various documentation to the league. An Ad hoc committee of a representative of the OJHL Board of Governors and a representative from the OHA then conducts a meeting with the potential incoming ownership / ownership group. That Ad hoc committee then makes a recommendation to the full OJHL Board of Governors and the OHA representative does the same at the OHA Board level.”

Mr. Savoy said that once this process has all been completed and final approval has been granted by the OJHL Board of Governors, the OJHL would then be in a position to publicly comment on a franchise transfer.

The Tier II Junior A proponent, led by Dave Steele, current General Manager and Head Coach of the Stayner Siskins Junior C hockey club, would partner with the Major Junior “A” Barrie Colts, and would be known as the Collingwood Colts.

Collingwood Blues Once Played In Tier-Two Junior “A” League

After many years of Junior “B” play, and after losing in the league finals against the St. Mary’s Lincoln’s in 1975-76, the Collingwood Junior “B” Blues jumped to the Southern Ontario Junior A Hockey League. The Blues finished third out of four teams in that initial season and dropped out of the league the following season.

Collingwood then went back to Junior “C” hockey for two season with the Collingwood Glassmen.

The Town of Collingwood has developed a process to select from two applications currently seeking tenancy at the downtown Eddie Bush Memorial Arena.

The Town of Collingwood will review both applications to operate a junior hockey team in the Eddie Bush Memorial Arena before turning the decision making process over to Collingwood Council.

Here is a press release from the Town of Collingwood:

Collingwood, ON [Friday, January 11, 2019] – The Town of Collingwood is pleased to have been presented with not one, but two potential opportunities to once again host a Junior Hockey tenant in the Eddie Bush Memorial Arena.

The Town has most recently been in conversations with a Tier II Junior A proponent, led by Dave Steele, current General Manager and Head Coach of the Stayner Siskins Junior C hockey club. As of Thursday night, a second proponent emerged in the form of a Junior B option led by Terry Geddes, Andy Pritchard, and Paul Jeffrey. Both proponents are immersed in their respective process for securing a team, and both have been provided with a brief overview of a tenancy arrangement, on behalf of the Town, that is subject to Council approval.

Due to the unusual circumstances of receiving interest from two proponents simultaneously, the Town has developed a process for selection. Town staff will be working with Council and the two potential organizations over the next few months to come to a decision and agreement.

The Ontario Tier Two Junior A Hockey League operates four divisions.
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