New Works by Anke Lex at The Tremont

Collingwood artist Anke Lex has a new showing at the Tremont.

Collingwood’s Anke Lex has launched a new show at The Tremont Studios entitled “Script and Vessels.”

Script and Vessels
Maiolica and encaustic works by Anke Lex
Tremont Hall Gallery
Summer 2018

Anke Lex is showing her new work all summer at the Tremont Studios

The magical power of script. The same writing has different meanings to different people. When slightly altered the meaning is changed, with or without intent. It can spread hope and love or fear and hate. Once written it can not be contained.

Vessels carry us off to different destinations, although the same destination impacts people differently.

Anke Lex is well known for creating beautiful, functional stoneware.

“Maiolica pottery is very dear to my heart. I cherish the bold and vibrant colours you can achieve, a sense of mystery and depth that connects us to a time and people before us. Maiolica is a technique rich in culture and history. It is a term for white tin glaze on earthenware clay, decorated with coloured stains. It has its roots in the medieval Islamic world and is believed to have come through the port of Mallorca, hence the name, to Spain and Italy and later to the rest of Europe.”

Anke has been working in the maiolica technique for about 16 years but now has a new passion. Encaustic is an ancient Greek painting technique.

“Painting with hot bees wax coloured with pigments. The possibilities are nearly endless. As the wax is layered, each layer is fused with an iron, blow torch or heat gun. Just like in the maiolica technique you can achieve most unusual and vibrant colours. Found objects, photos, leafs and flower can be encased in the wax.”

Anke says vibrant colours, gold and fire all combine to bring her work together.

“In both cases I am fascinated how the process includes elements of fire and heat – mostly in control, leaving parts of the result to chance. At the end of the process I enrich my work with gold; for maiolica pottery I use gold luster and for the encaustic work I apply gold leaf.”

You can see the new exhibition by Anke Lex at the Tremont Studios on Simcoe Street at St. Paul in Collingwood.

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