New Dock Installation at former Shipyard Launch Basin

New docks (pictured above) are being installed along the former Collingwood Shipyards launch basin in preparation for the arrival of next spring’s boating season.

The new docks are an extension of the current docks at the foot of Hurontario Street (pictured below) and will attract additional boaters to the downtown district next summer.

“… the work being done to help make us a more inviting place for the boating community to visit.”
–Dean Collver

Collingwood’s Waterfront Master Plan includes plans for significant development and changes to the inner harbour.

Dean Collver, Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture for the Town of Collingwood said workers are completing an additional 300′ of the Promenade Dock along the Sidelaunch Slip.

“It’s great that we’re going to have a more complete dock profile adjacent to the downtown core. This area is often used for daytime transient docking and it’s a part of the work being done to help make us a more inviting place for the boating community to visit.”

Collingwood Mayor-Elect Brian Saunderson said focusing on harbour upgrades will greatly benefit the downtown district.

“The main vision of the plan is to integrate the waterfront with the downtown and create a strong, accessible connection between the two so that people in the downtown are drawn to the waterfront and those using the waterfront are drawn to Collingwood’s historic downtown.”

He said the plan is broken into stages with the first stage focusing on Harbourview Park and the creation of an Indigenous Gathering Circle (now completed) to recognize the Town’s Indigenous heritage.

A part of an additional 300′ extension of the existing dock system along the Sidelaunch Slip is being put in place

Collingwood’s waterfront at the foot of Hurontario Street was blocked off to the public for over a century. Now, pedestrians enjoy easy access to and from the inner harbour.

The Waterfront Master Plan recognizes the downtown district as being an important partner in moving forward.

“The Downtown is the focal point of mixed-use activity within Collingwood, the civic heart of the Town and an urban destination. The waterfront in this area will offer high quality public spaces, along with new mixed-use development opportunities that will strengthen the connection between the downtown and the water and foster increasing local commercial activity.

Collingwood residents are already seeing years of careful planning with public input turn to reality.

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