New Charging Stations Now Open in Simcoe County

New Electric Vehicle Charging Station now in operation in Station Park, just off the main street of Stayner

–photos: Paul Richards

Hitting The Simcoe County Open Roads With A Full Charge This Summer

It has just become more convenient to own and operate an electric vehicle in Simcoe County.

Three new electric vehicle charging stations are now ready for use at three Simcoe County locations thanks to funding from the provincial government.

A total of $267,350 was received through the County’s Sustainable Operations program to install three “Level 3″ supercharger stations

The closest station to Collingwood can be found at Station Park, 212 Huron Street in Stayner.

The other two stations are located at the Simcoe County Museum on Highway 26 in Midhurst and at the Washago Carpool Lot at the corner of Highway 169 and Highway 11.

These superchargers are able to charge a fully electric vehicle within an average of 30-45 minutes.

Over the Canada Day long holiday weekend more than 20 electric vehicle owners took advantage of the new units.

These superchargers are able to charge a fully electric vehicle within an average of 30-45 minutes. Charging time depends on the make of the electric vehicle and quantity of power required.

County of Simcoe Warden Gerry Marshall said investing in the new charging stations has strengthened the county’s sustainable infrastructure and provided more environmental options to both residents and visitors.

“With more than 465,000 residents and 9 million visitors to our region each year, it is vital that we invest in initiatives that reduce our carbon footprint and highlight our commitment to being sound environmental stewards.”


The County of Simcoe charges a fee of $0.25 per minute to use the vehicle chargers. A typical fill-up – lasting approximately 30 minutes – would cost the user $7.50. Charging fees create a revenue neutral operation for the County to maintain the charging stations while ensuring affordability for users.

So, expect to see more electric vehicles driving throughout Simcoe County including the Collingwood, Wassaga Beach, Stayner region this sumnmer.

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