New Bus Arrivals for Colltrans

News story from July 2007. New bus arrivals represent major upgrade to Colltrans service.

New Arrivals Upgrade
New Buses Arrive Ahead Of Schedule

Collingwood Mayor Chris Carrier welcomed the first riders of a new Colltrans Bus at the official unveiling of the new Colltrans Buses ata The Station on Tuesday, July 24th. Three new Eldorado Low Floor Buses with wheelchair accessibility have been purchased by the Town of Collingwood.

Mayor Chris Carrier said that the arrival of the new buses represents a major upgrade to the town’s transit system

The Town of Collingwood has upgraded the COLLTRANS Bus Service. Following a review of bus features, the development of a new transit network, a review of transit service hours, the identification of bus stops and bus shelter requirements, sustainability, public and stakeholder input and marketing, the Town of Collingwood introduced the new buses into service at an official unveiling on Tuesday July 24, 2007.

Collingwood Mayor Chris Carrier said that the arrival of the new buses represents a major upgrade to the town’s transit system. Expanded bus service will begin in August, but since the buses arrived early, Mayor Carrier said that they would be immediately pressed into service just days before thousands of visitors arrive in Collingwood for the Collingwood Elvis Festival. Mayor Carrier reviewed the many new features of the new buses, including the wheelchair accessibility features including special areas to accommodate wheelchairs, mobility vehicles and strollers. The new buses are equipped with bike racks to meet the needs of an active community. The bus interiors have a “bright” and “vibrant” feel” and have the capacity to carry up to 27 riders.

One bus will have a vehicle wrap which will transform it into a “trolley” style bus. This bus will travel the main routes through First Street and commercial areas to provide a “stylized” transit service for the town’s commercial core.

Earlier this year, Director of Collus, Ed Houghton, told Council that the town’s transit service faced challenges as Collingwood continues to grow. “The Town of Collingwood has a unique shape to develop a 3-bus 30 minute transit system. We are limited to a maximum of 11 kilometres per route to keep 30 minute service” Houghton said. In addition, it was learned that the new buses will be longer and therefore cannot make the same turns as was the case with the previous smaller buses. The existing 2 bus route does not offer service to many Collingwood residents who have been requesting such a service. Also, Mr. Houghton said that a new terminus point must be established to accommodate new buses as the present downtown location will not be suitable.

The new bus service boasts environmental responsibility. Mayor Carrier pointed out that the buses use bio-diesel fuels. It is hoped that the expanded public transit system in Collingwood will reduce road congestion by taking cars off the road to reduce dependency on the automobile.