MP Bonwick Working To Help Save Lighthouse


MP Paul Bonwick is working to help save the Lighthouse

In June it was learned that the Nottawasaga Lighthouse near Collingwood had been decommissioned.

The light remains on…for now. MP Paul Bonwick says he has met with Mayor Geddes and CAO Jay Currier to discuss the issue and in turn, has forwarded his report to the Federal Government to help save the lighthouse.

The lighthouse was one of the first of its kind to operate in Georgian Bay and was one of six imperial towers built between 1856 and 1858. Upon learning of the decommissioning, Collingwood Council put forth a resolution to have Simcoe-Grey M.P. Paul Bonwick to look into saving the lighthouse. Bonwick says he is aware that the municipality has instigated an inquiry as to the future of the lighthouse. He says the municipality recognizes that boating traffic contributes significantly to the local economy and wants to make sure boaters are well provided for.

Harbourlands Committee Chairperson Jim Kilgour says the lighthouse provides essential navigation to the thousands of recreational boaters.

Bonwick says the town also wants to preserve the area’s navigational heritage by making sure the lighthouse stays functional. Bonwick says the Federal Government has initiated inquiries with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans along with Transport Canada and Public Works. At the moment the lighthouse is still functioning but the bulbs, storage batteries, regulators and solar panels have not been checked in over a year. Bonwick says governments at both the federal and municipal levels continue to look into the situation. He says everyone agrees on one thing…and that’s to see the lighthouse stay!