Ministry of Transportation Response To Town of Collingwood Questions

The Town of Collingwood has heard back from the Regional Director’s Office, Central Division of the Ministry of Transportation with regards to a request by the Town to consider additional signalization on Highway 26 in the vicinity of St. Claire Street to Elliot Avenue and consistent application of roundabout opportunities.

Regional Director Teepu Khawja responded to a letter dated June 21st and a follow up letter dated July 2nd.

Councillor Deb Doherty had expressed safety concerns regarding the intersections and asked that the Ministry be contacted to see if additional signalization or possible roundabouts could be considered.

As you are aware, the section of Highway 26 between Beachwood Road to Hume Street is currently under construction.
— Regional Director Teepu Khawja – Ministry of Transportation, Central Division

Khawja addressed the obvious, stating that construction is well underway on the $7.4 million project.

”The majority of work is being completed in 2018, with minor work carried over into the spring of 2019. Project completion is expected by June 2019. It appears that the intent of the Council Resolution request is to have the ministry include this intersection re-design in the current contract. If so, the ministry does not intend to delay contract completion and increase costs by issuing construction contract change orders, particularly as design work has not yet commenced.”

Khawja said that the resident’s concern with traffic gaps may be resolved once the widening between the Pretty River Parkway and Sixth Line is complete.

“The Highway 26 expansion project includes widening the existing two-lane roadway to five lanes, including a centre two-way-left-turn-lane. The additional through-lanes will provide more capacity on Highway 26, which will result in greater frequencies of gaps for left and right turning traffic.”

Khawja said the centre two-way-left-turn lane will improve the left-turning operations as it will provide storage for vehicles turning onto side streets from Highway 26 along with providing refuge to left-turning traffic from side streets as traffic will be able to turn into the unoccupied centre lane prior to merging into traffic. He said these improvements will provide benefits to the overall safety of traffic.

Khawja noted that a traffic analysis of Highway 26 west of Beachwood Road/Sandford Flemming Drive was undertaken by the ministry as part of the Highway 26 expansion project and it was concluded that signalization was not warranted at the intersections in question.