Mayoral Candidate John Trude Issues News Release

Mayoral Candidate John Trude

A release is making the rounds on social media from Mayoral candidate John Trude giving Collingwood voters something extra to chew on over the Thanksgiving weekend.

The release, dated October 3, 2018, takes aim at Mayoral Candidate Brian Saunderson and contains comments from Mr. Trude on various topics dealing with the performance of the current Collingwood Council.

Mr. Trude highlights what he referred to as a shocking number of in-camera sessions and what he calls divisive relationships with Clearview on the airport file, with the Town’s partners (Powerstream) in the sale of our 50% interest in Collus, and with volunteers on local Boards (hospital).

Mr. Trude also identified what he feels are sole sourcing issues on major expenditures by the current council.

“Yes, I approved the information in this message. All of the information is supported on the web site from council minutes and actions of council.”

Mayoral Candidate John Trude has once again focused on the hospital redevelopment as an issue.

“Mr. Saunderson and his Council colleagues have declared themselves to be fully supporting the Hospital redevelopment. In July 2018, after fighting with our Hospital for over two years, they advised the Province that they supported consideration of the Poplar Side Road site.”

At a recent all candidates event at Rupert’s Landing, Mr. Trude responded to a question from the audience by saying that there was not an issue with the hospital. asked Mr. Trude what had changed since that day, prompting him to highlight the hospital situation again in his latest release.

“What changed at Rupert’s is very simple – after two years of being at odds with the hospital – not on the idea of redevelopment but rather on the location – on July 27 Council passed the motion to support the hospital preferred site on the Poplar Sideroad and seek a Ministerial direction to designate the land and thereby by-pass the County and Town zoning process.

I certainly cannot argue with that position (as of the 27th of July) as that has been my position since the start.” has reached out to Mayoral Candidates Brian Saunderson and Michael Blair to provide an equal opportunity to comment.

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