Mayor Cooper Public Statement

While citizens continued to demonstrate outside Collingwood Town Hall, there was a council meeting about to begin inside.

At the opening of the Monday June 25th Council Meeting, Collingwood Mayor Sandra Cooper made a public statement in response to details outlined in a recent CBC article (Posted: Jun 19, 2018) that focused on business dealings surrounding council’s decision to proceed with the construction of two Sprung recreation facilities.

The CBC story contained a link to unsealed police documents from 2014 allege fraud and breach of trust involving Collingwood town hall.

It is important to remember the OPP document contains allegations that have not been tested in court. As of June 17 2018, the OPP has laid no charges in the matter.

Here is a transcript of Mayor Sandra Cooper’s public comment:

I have deep respect for the taxpayers of Collingwood and their hard earned dollars.

My late father was a member of this council in the early 60’s. Two of my grandfathers served this community in the early 1900’s.

I have the utmost respect and appreciate democracy.

I continue the tradition of serving and giving back to our great town.

There are no allegations against me and the police document which was released in April of this year by CBC.

I was not aware of any family member involvement in recreation facilities nor am I aware of any council member aware of the same.

Local media states, and I’ll quote, “current Mayor Sandra Cooper was mayor at the time of the Sprung structure deal. OPP detective LaPointe does not include her in any allegations nor does he present any evidence she was aware of her brother’s involvement or used her influence as an elected official to help her brother.”

I am proud of my heritage. I have many friends and family who continue to support me.

In spite of this Council has many important things to consider and remain focused.

I will continue to cooperate with the OPP and the Judicial Inquiry ensuring that the investigation is transparent and to strengthen governance.

Councillor Kevin Lloyd Defends Mayor Cooper

Collingwood Councillor Kevin Lloyd

Outside, during the public rally, Collingwood Councillor Kevin Lloyd spoke in defence of Mayor Cooper.

“What’s happening here today is a group of people out in front of town hall and unfortunately they’re an ill-informed group of bullies and they continue along with others behind the scenes to bully the mayor and I think it’s atrocious.”

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