Mayor Cooper Not Seeking Re-Election

Mayor Sandra Cooper speaking at the dedication of the Shipyards Amphitheatre

Mayor Sandra Cooper has announced that she will not be seeking re-election as Mayor of Collingwood

In an email to on Wednesday March 7, 2018, Cooper was brief:

“Not seeking re-election for Mayor.”

Mayor Cooper said today’s announcement (Wednesday March 7, 2018) has been on her mind since Christmas.

“I have enjoyed my 21 years serving the public. It has been a real privilege and honour.”

Cooper will now have more free time to focus on family.

“Stepping back from my position as mayor allows me more time with my grandchildren and my parents. I have always firmly believed in family values. Sometimes it is difficult to understand individuals or like minded groups however my decisions have been based on doing what is right for our citizens. I have a deep respect for the taxpayers’ hard earned dollars whether it be sidewalks, trails, emergency services or employment opportunities for all. My father (Jack Bonwick) served on Collingwood council in the early 60’s. One of my siblings was a municipal councillor in the 90’s and I have continued the tradition of serving and giving to our great town.”

On Tuesday March 6th Mayor Cooper said she was reminded of how proud she is to be Canadian.

“I attended the change of command at Base Borden and I can’t tell you what it meant to stand up and recognize our military family.”

Mayor Cooper says she does however still have work to do at the council table.

“In the mean time, council has a budget to consider among many other important matters.”

Sandra Cooper’s role as Mayor of the Town of Collingwood began in 2010 when, as Deputy Mayor, after 13 consecutive years at the council table, she campaigned to move up to the Mayor’s Chair.

Dear Collingwood Voters

I am respectfully requesting your vote for Mayor of the Town of Collingwood.
I have decided to take on this enormous responsibility because I believe this election is the most important election for our municipality in the next twenty-five years.

Cooper won that election race becoming Collingwood’s first female Mayor. She has served as Collingwood’s Mayor ever since.

Prior to first serving as Mayor, Cooper had served two terms as Collingwood’s Deputy Mayor and two terms as a councillor. She has sat at the Simcoe County council table both as Deputy Mayor and Mayor of Collingwood.

Sandra Cooper has been an active member of clubs and organizations in the community. She has volunteered with the Canadian Cancer Society, MS fundraisers, Crohns and Colitus fundraisers and is a member of Parish Council for St. Mary’s Church in Collingwood and is a former Vice Chair of Georgian Staffing and Tracks Employment Agency. Cooper remains a big supporter of Collingwood Minor Hockey and sits on many committees including the Ontario Auto Mayors Roundtable and Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative.

For two terms as Deputy Mayor, Cooper assumed the role of Chair of the Town of Collingwood’s Finance-Budget Committee.

Cooper has been Mayor of the Town of Collingwood since 2010.

Here is a video from Mayor Cooper’s successful re-election bid in 2014 where she talked about issues of importance to her at that time.

Mayor Cooper talked about the need for harbour improvements, the reconstruction of Hume Street, the reduction of debt, upgrades to the Eddie Bush Arena, the importance of the Automotive Industry and her role with the Ontario Auto Mayors, upgrading recreation facilities and the need for a Waterfront Master Plan.

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