March 29th Integrity Commissioner Not Conducting an Investigation

More correspondence from the County of Simcoe’s Integrity Commissioner will be presented to Collingwood Council tonight.

A March 29th email from Janice Atwood-Petkovski from Principles Integrity was sent to Mayor Sandra Cooper, Councillor Mike Edwards and Councillor Kevin Lloyd commenting on a complaint lodged against the trio’s participation in discussion and voting on the current Judicial Inquiry that is looking into details surrounding the sale of the initial 50 percent of Collus to PowerStream.

The email informed the Mayor and two councillors that the Integrity Commissioner would not be conducting an investigation into the complaint.

The email stated that based on the review conducted by Principles Integrity it was determined that is was not necessary to proceed with an investigation.

Here are the two points outlined in the email:

i) The members did not have a conflict of interest, nor did their actions disclose a disregard of the ‘Improper Use of Influence’ provisions of the Code simply by virtue of being members of the Council whose decision, and events leading up to it, are the subject matter of a request for Judicial Inquiry,

ii) The possibility of incurring legal costs personally during a Judicial Inquiry, a possibility which is at this juncture remote and speculative, does not give rise to a present pecuniary interest which would have triggered obligations under the MCIA.

For the reasons set out above, we have determined that it is not necessary to proceed with an investigation.

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