Looking Back at Olde Town

From Freight Offices and Railway Yard to New Residential Neighbourhood

The land was once home to Collingwood’s busy rail yard and freight offices. If you grew up in Collingwood you’ll no doubt remember winter whiteouts along Ontario Street between St. Paul and Minnesota Streets as the wind howled off Nottawasaga Bay across the open rail yard.

Now, Olde Town is a well-established 42 home neighbourhood in central Collingwood. The attractive cluster of single family homes is situated close to the harbour and downtown Collingwood.

Olde Town in Central Collingwood, under construction in 2001

These homes were built in 2001 and 2002 primarily with retirees in mind and represented a new way of thinking when it came to building on in-town vacant land. The well appointed homes sold in the low 200,000 dollar range which was high end for the time.

This construction, along with the renovation of the Tremont Hotel and upgrades to existing homes along St. Paul Street all contributed to transform this portion of Collingwood into the thriving arts and culture community that we see today.