Look Up Tour

You’re invited to step through the past of Collingwood architecture!

The Collingwood Heritage Committee has launched a unique, self-guided walking tour through the town streets. Learn about the outstanding work of Collingwood’s early architects and see various architectural styles, many of which unique to Collingwood, used to build some of the town’s earliest homes and buildings.

Margaret Mooy planted the seeds that would eventually grow into the Look Up Tour. “I was at a conference in Peterborough and I saw a poster that was promoting Look Up Peterborough. I became quite excited about it, purchased it, and brought it back to Collingwood to share with our Heritage Committee.”

Committee members liked the concept, and work soon began to introduce a similar heritage walk to Collingwood. Margaret says people often miss some interesting building features when passing by because they don’t take the time to look up. “We hope they’ll see a variety of architectural features that we have here in Collingwood, and grow to appreciate them. For example, some people don’t notice the flower pot design near the eaves of some of the properties, so to get them to start looking up and appreciate the variety of some of the properties we have here is really a good thing.”

While Mooy got the ball rolling, Heritage Committee member Candice Currie picked the ball up and ran with it. Currie has produced a brochure and poster highlighting some of Collingwood’s heritage homes and buildings.

“When working on this project, one of the things we realized was that some of the most unique architectural features were found when you actually looked up at a building including interesting window details and roof lines. So what we want people to realize is not to look at the entirety of the property but to look at some of the unique features the property has.”

The Look Up Tour takes in Hurontario Street along with properties east and west of the downtown core.

“I took pictures of approximately 65 difference properties and from that point we selected the top 25. Some of them are in the heritage conservation district, some are heritage designated properties, and some of them are not. We just wanted to focus on the ones we thought were the most unique.”

The brouchure and web site feature backgrounders on some of the architects who built the early Collingwood homes and downtown buildings along with a guide that details common architectural styles of the day.

For more information on individual properties featured in the Look Up Tour, CLICK HERE to visit the Heritage Collingwood web site.