Live & Original Music Series Sees Changes for 2018

After three years of growth, the Collingwood Live & Original Music Series is undergoing a number of changes in 2018.

Since 2015, Live & Original has been working with songwriters and artists to perform and promote live, original music in Collingwood.

“When we started L&O our goal was to create an environment where singer-songwriters could connect and where the struggle and complexity of creating new original music could be shared,” said Karen Cubitt, Manager of Culture & Events for the Town of Collingwood. “We chose a competition format because it was something we knew how to do well and it provided the vehicle to get artists connecting with one another.”

Now, with a growing “alumni” base of songwriters and performers, the concept and team behind the L&O Music Series has grown. Collingwood also took part in the Simcoe County Music Strategy project, which revealed L&O’s full potential to be a catalyst for original music development.

Dean Collver, Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture, said meetings were held with area musicians to discuss possible new opportunities for the series.

“When we sat down with this large group of music creators from the area, both at the Music Strategy session and afterward, we realized that the L&O concept had so much more to offer artists than the competition component.”

From these discussions came changes to how the series will operate in 2018.

Live & Original will no longer feature a competition between artists

Live & Original will no longer feature a competition between artists, but rather will become a series of opportunities for music makers to “Connect, Collaborate, and Cultivate” the creation of music. The Live & Original Music Series is to be renamed the Live & Original Music Initiative to more fully reflect L&O’s change in direction.

Capitalizing on the exciting new relationship between PRC and the Simcoe Street Theatre, the Live & Original Music Initiative will be offering “MusicLab Mondays” starting in April. MusicLabs will exist to provide a space for music creators to collaborate with one another, share ideas, and test out new sounds, with the perfectly-sized Simcoe Street Theatre as the venue.

MusicLab Mondays
Simcoe Street Theatre

An open-house/stage format with a host who will encourage conversations, jam sessions, lyric and melody development, instrumentation discussions, and good old fashion song testing.

April 16, May 14, June 18, July 16, August 20, September 17
The L&O MusicLab Mondays will culminate in the L&O Music Forum in September. This will be a conference-style event featuring workshops, mentorship opportunities, learning experiences and opportunities for collaboration. Globetrotting Irish/Canadian contemporary folk artist, Irish Mythen, will join other mentors and discussion leaders to provide insights, encouragement, guidance, and “tales from the road” to forum participants.

Live & Original Forum
Friday night will be a networking social event with workshops kicking off Saturday at brunch. Saturday evening will be the L&O MusicCrawl throughout the downtown area. Sunday will once again start with a brunch leading to an afternoon of mentorship and development through collaboration.

September 21, 22 & 23
As part of the Collingwood ArtCrawl, there will be a performance opportunity for 30 of the music creators attending the Forum, called the L&O MusicCrawl. The L&O MusicCrawl will take place on the first day of fall, Saturday, September 22; details to follow.

Throughout Downtown Collingwood

Enjoy performances by 30 of the artists attending the L&O Forum, as part of the annual ArtCrawl event. Explore historic Downtown Collingwood to the sounds of amazing live and original music.

Saturday, September 22
6:00 – 10:00 p.m.

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