Library Expansion Plans 2005

News Story from January 2005

Plans are in the works to expand Collingwood’s Public Library. The most recent expansion at the Maple Street – Second Street location took place in 1987

Expansion Plans Begin at Collingwood Library

Plans continue to expand and renovate the Collingwood Library. The Library Board of Trustees has called for input from interested contractors. The Board has advertised that all “Expressions of Interest” be submitted by no later than 4pm Monday January 17th. Board members are looking for architectural drawings for the design and construction of a 10,400 square foot addition to the existing library. In addition, the existing 8,300 square feet of existing space is to be renovated. The board will then review submissions after which working drawings will be created. Following this step, final Library expansion and renovation costs can be determined and the project will be presented to Collingwood council for approval. The decision to expand and renovate the existing library at the corner of Maple and Second streets in Collingwood comes after the collapse of the town’s Multi-use Facility project. The failed project included government funding earmarked for the relocation of the library and necessary renovations to the downtown Federal building that once housed the Collingwood Post Office.

Collingwood’s Public Library needs to expand to offer the type of services necessary at a modern library