Leitch Calls It Quits

Dr. Kellie Leitch
Dr. Kellie Leitch, Simcoe-Grey MP, Mayor’s Levee in Collingwood – January 2018

Simcoe-Grey Conservative MP Kellie Leitch will not seek re-election in 2019.

The National Post and CBC broke the story last night and have quoted Leitch as saying it was time for her to return to the public service.

“My time in politics has been a genuine privilege, and I will always be thankful to the constituents of Simcoe-Grey for their tremendous support,” Leitch said in a statement late Tuesday. “I have concluded, however, that the time has come for me to serve in other ways, including as a surgeon and volunteer.”

Leitch stated she will serve out the rest of her term.

Leitch, a long time conservative party volunteer, took the next step into federal politics with the encouragement of former Conservative Finance Minister and friend the late Jim Flaherty. She was first elected as MP for Simcoe-Grey in 2011.

Then, Dr. Kellie Leitch set her sights on something much greater.

In 2016, MP Kellie Leitch was the first official candidate to enter the race for leadership of the Conservative party of Canada.

At that time, Leitch was quoted in a Toronto Star article as saying the party needed to “grow our movement.”

“I’m looking forward to speaking with party members across the country — to hear directly from them and to share my ideas about what I believe we need to do to grow our movement and chart a course for our party to win in 2019,” she said in a statement.

But her campaign took her down a rough and rocky road.

In February, 2017, a large banner was found hanging from the side of MP Kellie Leitch’s office referenced the Quebec City mosque shooting, listing the names of the six people shot and killed, and called for the controversial Conservative leadership candidate to resign

Her focus on establishing what she called “Canadian Values” as a screening mechanism for potential immigrants didn’t sit well with many Canadians.

Leitch has also talked of creating a tip line to allow Canadians to report what she called “barbaric cultural practices” to the RCMP. She later apologized for this.

Leitch’s announcement not to run for re-election is a stunning turnaround from statements made only last week on a morning show interview on 97.7 The Beach radio.

A challenge to her nomination for Conservative candidate in Simcoe-Grey was issued by Collingwood Doctor Gillian Yeates, and Terry Dowdall, Deputy Warden for the County of Simcoe and sitting Mayor of Essa Township.

Despite the challenge from Yeates and Dowdall, Leitch stated that she was confident in continuing as the MP for Simcoe-Grey.

“Look, I’m very confident, and I can tell you having phoned through most of the conservative party membership and also talking to people on the street, I’m very well supported here. You know, I’ve had an excellent experience as a member of parliament, I view it as a true priveledge to be the member of parliament here and I have no concerns about what will happen in the next number of months.”

Something changed in a hurry.

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