Judicial Inquiry Website Launched

Interviews Continue with Participants – Potential Witnessess

In preparation for the public hearings, Inquiry counsel have begun meeting and interviewing participants, potential witnesses and others who have information about the subject of the Inquiry. That process started on September 4, 2018.

This important step also involves collecting, organizing and preparing needed documents. This work helps to identify necessary witnesses and focus the public hearings.

During these meetings, some participants have advised that they have thousands of documents relevant to the Inquiry. Some parties have requested additional time to produce documents including one participant which has estimated that it will require an additional two to three weeks to produce its documents.

Other participants have said that they have retained no documents and have nothing to produce. This means that the Inquiry will need to contact people and organizations who may have copies of pertinent documents. These will need to be identified and contacted to locate pertinent documents.

These preparations are a necessary step in advance of the public hearings.

The Inquiry has also been convening regular meetings with all counsel to determine timing, discuss legal issues such as pre-hearing motions and to ask the participants to produce their documents in a timely way. Inquiry counsel will continue these discussions with the participants as documents are received and continue to insist upon input from the participants concerning their readiness to begin the public hearings.

Anyone who has information that they wish to provide to the Inquiry is asked to contact Shelley Fuhre, Executive Director to the Inquiry at sfuhre@collingwoodinquiry.ca or Inquiry Counsel, Janet Leiper at jleiper@collingwoodinquiry.ca.

The Inquiry Judge has released his decision on participation and on the further progress of the Inquiry.

The Inquiry will be divided into three parts:
Part I will deal with the sequence of events leading to the transaction, the corporate relationships and the impact of the Town’s 50% share sale of Collingwood Utility Services Corporation to PowerStream Inc.
Part II will consider the sequence of events leading to the allocation of the proceeds, the payment of fees or benefits and the impact of the recreational facility construction.
Part III will consider broader policy and good governance issues arising from the findings related to both transaction.

Participation rights were granted to:

Alectra Utilities Corporation
Paul Bonwick
Ian Chadwick
Collus PowerStream Corp
Mayor Sandra Cooper
Councillor Tim Fryer
Edwin Houghton
The Town of Collingwood

Participation rights vary according to the interests of the participants.

A new website (collingwoodinquiry.ca) has been launched to provide information and detail events of the Collingwood Judicial Inquiry.

The many categories available within the site include a hearing schedule, witnesses, legal information, submissions, transcripts and media releases.

The Honourable Frank N. Marrocco, Associate Chief Justice of the Superior Court of Justice, has been appointed to serve as Commissioner to the Judicial Inquiry into the sale of 50 percent of Collus to Power Stream in 2012.

The Judicial Inquiry was requested by the Town of Collingwood by Resolution 042-2018.

“The Inquiry’s mandate is to inquire into the sequence of events leading to the sale transaction, the Request for Proposal (RFP) process, fees and benefits paid to anyone in relation to the sale transaction and contracts entered into among the parties. The Inquiry will also look into the allocation of proceeds of the transaction for recreational facilities at Central Park and Heritage Park and any fees or benefits paid to any person of the entity involved in the creation of the recreational facilities. The Inquiry will examine the impact of these events on the ratepayers of the Town of Collingwood as they relate to the good governance of the municipality and make any recommendations the the Associate Chief Justice may deem appropriate and in the public interest.”

Relationship With The Media

The website outlines how the media will be able to work to provide information to the public on a regular basis during the inquiry.

The Associate Chief Justice does not give media interviews since he is a sitting judge. Inquiry Counsel speak to media on behalf of the Inquiry.

Logistical information is available from Peter Rehak, the Inquiry’s Communications Director.

A media room will be setup during the public hearings. It will have a TV monitor showing the webcast of the proceedings and recording equipment.

The Justice will allow photo opportunity at the start of the hearings.

Judicial Inquiries are a way for governments to examine issues and problems outside the regular legislative process. Inquiries can help communities to benefit from independent, neutral consideration of matters in the public domain.

Public inquiries can help develop public policy and make recommendations that will serve the public in the future.


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