Judicial Inquiry Update – June 11, 2018

Fareed Amin - CAO - Town of Collingwood
Town of Collingwood CAO Fareed Amin

Collingwood CAO Fareed Amin provided Council with an update on the Judicial Inquiry into the sale of 50 percent of Collus to Power Stream in 2012 at the June 11th regular meeting.

Mr. Amin advised Council that he understands the Commission is now fully staffed with a Commissioner, a Counsel, an Assistant Counsel as well as a Communications Assistant.

“They have started their work in earnest, in fact the commission staff were here last week to visit Collingwood and the Commissioner and the entire staff are expected to be here this coming Thursday (June 14th) to visit and to get acquainted with some of the facilities we have in the municipality.”

“As far as I know the commissioner is in the process of reviewing the documentation that we have provided to them, and they are in the process of producing what’s called “Production Order” which is a request to various parties to provide information to the Commissioner. I understand that the Town of Collingwood would be the first to gain such a request and we will provide and cooperate as much as we can with information that we have and we will fully canvass staff to make sure that the information that we provide to them is exhaustive.”

Amin feels the documentary review will be conducted through the summer, with public hearings expected to begin in early fall. He confirmed that live streaming will be available once the public hearings begin.

Amin said the plan is to house the Commission and staff in Town Hall, in second floor offices. A leased facility by the Town will be used as a staging area to allow a third party to meet with their counsel in preparation for appearance before the public hearing.

The Honourable Frank N. Marrocco

The Honourable Frank N. Marrocco, Associate Chief Justice of the Superior Court of Justice, has been appointed to serve as Commissioner to the Judicial Inquiry.

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