Judicial Inquiry May 14th Update

Fareed Amin - CAO - Town of Collingwood
Town of Collingwood CAO Fareed Amin
– photo: Paul Richards

Town of Collingwood CAO Fareed Amin confirmed that the work has begun, and he suspects the documentary review is now underway.

Town of Collingwood CAO Fareed Amin provided an update to the status of the Judicial Inquiry at the May 14th regular meeting of Collingwood Council.

Mr. Amin told council that he has had meetings with Commission Counsel Janet Leiper and that he has signed the letter of engagement to avail the town of her services.

“She is in the process of selecting an associate to assist her in the work that she has to do. We have begun to digitize the documents that we have in our possession and make those available to the commission. We have set up a secured access, a secure portal, for members of the Commission to access these documents.”

Amin said the Town has secured space at 186 Hurontario Street for the Commission to conduct the non-public aspect of its business. The purpose is to provide with a place to meet and use as a place of business where they can have discussions or have conference calls whenever they’re in Collingwood.

The CAO said the expectation is to have the public hearings in the Council Chambers.

“I should sort of preface my additional comments by saying that the timing and the deliberations will be up to His Worship and Counsel. Based on discussions I’ve had with them they will begin their documentary review presently and I suspect that they’ll potentially be in a situation where they could conduct public hearings late summer or early fall, but that timing would be entirely up to them.”

Mr. Amin spoke of the secondment of a town staff member to support the Commission in their interactions with the public and with the municipality.

Commission Hires Communications Person To Keep Information Flowing

“The Commission is also in the process of setting up its own web site so that it can provide ongoing information to the public and they have also hired a communications person to interact with the public and with the media.”

Amin confirmed that the work has begun, and he suspects the documentary review is now underway.

“We will be as supportive and as helpful as we can throughout this process but as you can imagine it’s an independent process and the timing, deliberations of their activities will be subject to his worship and being supported by Ms. Leiper. We’ll do our best to facilitate the process but they are the ones who will be driving the actual process itself.”

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