John Trude Announces He Will Run for Mayor in 2018

John Trude pictured with Collingwood Town Crier Ken Templeman at the 2018 New Year’s Mayor’s Levee

Former Collingwood OPP Detachment Commander John Trude has announced he will run for Mayor of Collingwood in the 2018 Municipal Election.

Mr. Trude confirmed his intentions in an email to this morning (Wednesday March 7, 2018).

“Yes, I can confirm my intention to run for Mayor of Collingwood.

I decided to run for Mayor as I believe I bring a proven track record of leadership and team building to the position as well as a commitment to the municipality over the history of my service to the Town and area.

I truly believe in the potential of the Town moving forward and hope my abilities can assist in realizing the very best for the taxpayers of Collingwood.”

This announcement comes on the same day that current Collingwood Mayor Sandra Cooper announced she will not seek re-election.

Here is the press release issued from John Trude

PRESS RELEASE: March 7, 2018

From: John Trude

I am very happy to announce today that I will be a candidate for Mayor of the Town of Collingwood in the upcoming 2018 Municipal Election.

I have a sound understanding of the Town’s challenges and opportunities having been a long-time resident, landowner and civil servant of Collingwood and area. My family members are also resident here and my wife is a lifetime Collingwood resident and business owner.

I believe my experience, skills, knowledge and personal abilities are well suited to the role of Mayor of Collingwood.

I commit to applying my abilities to the benefit of Collingwood and to bringing my proven leadership and integrity to bear as the head of Council.

My fundamental belief is that “Principles Matter” and that dealing with people and issues with honesty, integrity and respect will serve to establish community trust and support for municipal Council.

In speaking to many people in our community, common threads of concern have become apparent: costly legal and consultants fees, secrecy, lack of community engagement on issues of extreme importance, our hospital re-development, the relationship with our partners and neighbouring communities, the airport issue and, quite recently, the pending redundant Judicial Review supported by Council regarding the initial 50% sale of Collus in 2012.

Council, as a whole, must be comprised of Community Leaders – leaders with honesty and respect for the community. This council has created turmoil, disenfranchised the electorate and spent our taxpayer dollars on matters that lack broad public interest.

I am both proud and humbled by the support and encouragement I have received to run for the office of Mayor of Collingwood and anticipate filing nomination papers on May 1st and commencing my campaign.

John Trude

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