Hospital Provincial Planning Grant

MPP Jim Wilson and Collingwood Mayor Sandra Cooper attend February 12th’s press conference

Planning Grants Positive Step for Local Hospital Redevelopments – MPP Jim Wilson

The province of Ontario has announced that both Stevenson Memorial Hospital in Alliston and Collingwood General and Marine Hospital would receive $500,000 each to help plan for a redevelopment in Alliston and a new hospital in Collingwood.

MPP Jim Wilson delivered the news at a press conference on Monday, February 12th.

While Wilson says he is appreciative the provincial government has finally responded to his numerous requests to release planning grant funding for expansion projects in both municipalities he says there still is a lot of work to do.

“This is a good start and a positive step. The hospitals in Collingwood and Alliston each have spent more than $1.2 million of their own money on redevelopment planning,” said Wilson. “I appreciate the $500,000 for each hospital announced today, but would like to remind the government there is a long way to go through the five stages of planning, which will cost up to $12 million.”

It was June 2017 when Wilson’s private members resolution on the matter was passed unanimously in the Legislature.

“This is a great first symbolic step, but there is a lot more that has to be done. I will continue to pressure this government to recognize the very real need for the redevelopment of both of these hospitals.”

Norah Holder - President and CEO. General and Marine Hospital
Norah Holder – President and CEO – Collingwood General & Marine Hospital

Needless to say, Norah Holder, President and CEO of the Collingwood General and Marine Hospital was pleased by the announcement.

“We are truly grateful to hear that a planning grant is forthcoming and thank the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care for recognizing the great need in our community for a new hospital,” said Norah Holder, President and CEO of Collingwood General and Marine Hospital. “This will assist us in the development and planning for our growing community of 60,000 permanent and 3.5 million visitors each year.”

Mayor Sandra Cooper attended the announcement in Alliston and at the regular meeting of Collingwood Council later that evening recognized our MPP’s ongoing efforts on behalf of the Collingwood hospital.

“Jim Wilson was there, and his due diligence and support to our hospital in particular. He did a yeoman job, and the bus arrangements for residents to get to Queen’s Park last fall as well. With the rapid growth in the county the redevelopment of these facilities is so important. It was exciting news today.”

Recently Collingwood council was unanimous in passing a motion tabled by Deputy Mayor Brian Saunderson to authorize pre-approval in an amount up to 150,000 dollars in the 2018 budget to be used at the discretion of the CAO for assisting the Collingwood General and Marine Hospital with expenses incurred in the Stage One “A” and “B” applications and responses required for the hospital redevelopment.

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