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From L – R: Carole Stuart, the Collingwood Public Library Coordinator of Local History and Genealogy (L) and Hella Sandberg (R) review one of the binders.

Collingwood’s Hella Sandberg is on a mission. Her ambition is to collect clippings, news articles, programs and anything else she can find that would help her detail the history of arts and culture in our community.

For three years, Mrs. Sandberg has compiled three large binders of historic information detailing the names of people and oganizations that have made their mark and laid the foundation for Collingwood’s thriving arts and culture scene.

Jennett Mays, Communications Officer for the Town of Collingwood, says Mrs. Sandberg has spent hundreds of hours compiling and organizing information.

“Hella spoke about the project to as many people as possible, at every opportunity, in order to garner a broad perspective of information, some of which dates back to the mid 1800’s.”

Some examples of notable pieces included are:

• Poetical Directory of Collingwood (1875)
• The First Collingwood Writers’ Club (1950)
• Georgian China Limited (1940)
• artists Ernie Taylor (1922-1999) and Manfred Neumann (1934-1993)

The binders will be housed in the local history section of the Collingwood Public Library and the Town’s website will also feature information so that as many people as possible may benefit from this valuable resource.

Mrs. Sandberg has been a tireless promoter of the arts in Collingwood for decades.

“Having been very involved in promoting and supporting the arts and culture scene in Collingwood since 1976, both professionally and as a volunteer, I have always been aware of its strong and important presence in the community since then. To my surprise and delight, I discovered through my research, that Collingwood has always, since its beginning, had a vibrant arts and culture community.”

While Hella is delighted to see the binder on the library shelves, she is planning to add information from time to time and keep the history growing.

Mays encourages anyone who has materials that could be helpful for the continued development of the History of Arts and Culture in Collingwood collection to contact Carole Stuart, the Collingwood Public Library Coordinator of Local History and Genealogy at 705-445-1571 Ext. 6228 or cstuart@collingwoodpubliclibrary.ca.

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