Geddes Warden of Simcoe County

News story from January 2006

Collingwood Will Be Well Represented At The County


Collingwood Mayor Terry Geddes talks about being Warden of Simcoe County

The Town of Collingwood has its first Warden since 1908. Collingwood Mayor Terry Geddes admits he will be a very busy man now that he has been elected Warden of Simcoe County. “I’m extremely proud to have been elected Warden. It is an honour in that the election is carried out by your peers and they have given me their support” Geddes said. “I know I’m only as good as the staff that supports me. We have an excellent staff in Collingwood and at the County. Collingwood will be represented very well. We have a strong Deputy Mayor in Sandra Cooper who represents us at the County” he added. “What it means for Collingwood at the County is that its going to permit Collingwood to have a focus. We’ve had a focus when I was a councilor but now as Warden we’ll have an even higher profile than we had before. “The one thing you discover very quickly when you cross into different municipalities is that people don’t see the political boundaries. We as politicians do, but there are a lot of people in Collingwood who work in Alliston and in other parts of Simcoe County. As a result of this, my job as Warden is to make sure that the employment opportunities within the county are strong.” Geddes said in creating a stronger employment picture in the county will benefit the people of Collingwood as well.Mayor Geddes admits the automotive industry and related jobs throughout Simcoe County communities remains an area of ongoing concern at all levels of local government.