Gateway Plaza Comes Down

Just before Christmas in 2003, Collingwood residents said so long to the Gateway Plaza, a long-time west end landmark.

West End Landmark Torn Down For New Development

Back_Gateway1 A long-time restaurant and shopping plaza has fallen victim to west end development in Collingwood. The "Gateway Plaza" has been knocked down to make way for the Blue Mountain Mall expansion project.

News Story from the archives of from the Winter of 2003
The Gateway Plaza was once a busy place. The plaza was home to the Collingwood Planetarium and surrounding gift shops that were popular with tourists who would also take time to visit nearby Blue Mountain Pottery. The small tower (with skier murals painted on the exterior) in the centre of the plaza was a part of the Planetarium tourist attraction. The plaza has now been removed from the west end landscape to make way for the expansion of the Blue Mountain Mall.

West end development in Collingwood continues at a record pace.

The new Zellers store is now open and work continues on a new state-of-the-art Canadian Tire store (bottom right) which will offer a new marketing concept aimed at women. Work continues inside the Blue Mountain Mall to upgrade and expand the existing facilities.