FRAM Group – Shipyards Open House


FRAM Open House to discuss Shipyards well attended

Residents of Collingwood braved the stormy weather to attend a special public meeting held by the Fram Group, developers of the former Shipyard property. The Fram Group’s Frank Giannone said he walked away from last Fall’s public meetings knowing the extreme importance of waterfront access to residents of Collingwood. With this in mind, and other points raised at last Fall’s public meetings taken into consideration, the Fram Group returned to Collingwood on Thursday January 15th with revised development plans for the downtown waterfront property. “What we’re seeing here today is really a continuation of the work that we presented after we held the public meetings last Fall” Frank Giannone said. “We’ve been working with the town and their consultants to address some of the issues that came up from our plan, to make sure that where we are going in terms of road widths, access to the waterfront, building heights and architecture works within with what the town’s standards and specifications are in terms of developments such as this” Giannone added. Giannone said he has learned from input from Collingwood residents that the demand for pedestrian walkways is very strong. “We need to create a pedestrian environment at the waterfront” he said. Giannone said the revised plans will remove cars from roadways and driveways and move them into underground garages. Giannone recognizes the importance of connecting a retail component at the Shipyard development with the existing Hurontario Street business district. He said approximately 30,000 to 40,000 square feet of retail space will be a part of the development including a waterfront restaurant. Giannone said building heights will be lower than originally anticipated. “Originally they were talking about eight, nine or ten stories…we’ve been able to keep the buildings down under six, probably in the five range at the top end” he said. Giannone says density is down but unit size is up. In total, 575 residential units are planned for the development. Giannone says by the Fall, he hopes to see site servicing and road construction begin. He says construction of housing will begin next Spring. The Fram Group is presently renovating the former Queen’s Hotel (Queen’s Squash Club) and will open a sales office at that location in late April or early May.

Collingwood residents were able to view updated plans for future development at the former Shipyard property. Fram Group officials held an open house on Thursday January 15th at the Leisure Time Club. Despite the stormy weather, the event was well attended.
The large crowd was able to view the revised plans (above left) of what the new Shipyard development will look like and talk to Fram Group officials including (above right) Frank Giannone.

Collingwood Mayor Terry Geddes says the main focus of council is to create opportunities for Collingwood residents to access the waterfront. “As development continues on, the people of Collingwood are going to have total access to the waterfront and the development” Geddes said. “We’re really pleased with the turnout and we’re hoping the people will be able to reflect back on what they saw, get in touch with Town Staff or the Giannone Team to give them input” he added. Collingwood CAO Jay Currier said the staff of the town has been working very closely with CSL to drive home the importance of waterfront access for Collingwood residents. “Our main objective has been to ensure that the wishes, wants and needs of the Collingwood Community are reflected in the ultimate development of the site” Currier said. “Now people have had the chance to see the plans and they’re seeing that there is access throughout the site, there is parkland, open space and that the property will be open to the public indefinitely” Currier added.

The Fram Group’s Frank Giannone (above left) says he hopes to see road and services construction begin this Spring with housing construction begin in the Fall. Mayor Terry Geddes (above right, pointing) says Collingwood residents will be able to walk along the waterfront at the new Shipyard development.