Elvis Festival Lives For Another Day

News Story From March 2004

Mayor Terry Geddes comments on moving forward with this year’s Elvis Festival

Despite a money-losing track record, Collingwood Council has thrown its support behind the event for July of this year.

The town will kick in $30,000.00 to this year’s festival. Mayor Terry Geddes says council voted 8 to 1 in favour of giving the event one more try. He said the objective is for the festival to operate under a balanced budget. He also said the focus of the event is to attract more local residents in addition to the 70 to 80 thousand visitors the festival draws to Collingwood each year. Geddes says council has always believed in the festival and recognizes the fact that the front page publicity Collingwood enjoys in Toronto and across Canada is a major bonus in promoting tourism in the area.

The Town of Collingwood has thrown its support behind the Collingwood Elvis Festival. The festival has lost money despite attracting huge crowds to Collingwood.

Mayor Geddes Says Festival Needs To Appeal To Local Residents Again

Geddes says a Municipal Services Board has been appointed to oversee the operation of the Elvis Festival. The Collingwood Elvis Festival has grown into the largest festival of its kind in the world. The bulk of the Elvis Tribute Artists and visitors travel to Collingwood for the weekend festival from all parts of Canada and the United States.