Downtown Sidewalk Winter Patios

Collingwood’s popular downtown sidewalk patios may soon be allowed to operate throughout the winter months.

The owners of the 1858 Caesar Bar in downtown Collingwood would like to keep the patio open year-round

Steve & Vanessa Walker from the 1858 Caesar Bar in downtown Collingwood have asked Collingwood Council to consider allowing them to operate their outdoor patio during the winter months.

The Walkers appeared before Council on Monday October 15th.

“We feel that giving a unique winter experience for our patrons and visitors to Collingwood that an extension to have our patio open for the winter season would be an asset not only to us but also to the town.”

Walker said he understands operating an outdoor patio throughout the winter months poses new problems with snow removal, but added they would assist public works to remove snow to make visiting the patio safe and inviting.

Walker said he and Vanessa launched their first business Venture in 2013 called OxiSix Pest Control. In 2017 they began Walkers OneShot, their Caesar Additive, which they filmed for Season 13 of Dragons Den. This past July they launched their third business venture in Collingwood, called 1858 Caesar Bar.

Councillor Deb Doherty suggested council defer the decision allowing the business owner and Downtown BIA to consider working together to extend the use of the outdoor sidewalk patio into the winter season on a test basis. Doherty pointed out that the BIA hadn’t been involved in the conversation and should be included before a decision can be made.

Councillor Kathy Jeffery said she was open to the idea of a winter patio on the downtown streets.

“I really like this idea, and I like the idea of a test and an extension conditional on those safety aspects being met. “

Jeffery said she would like to give the idea of a winter patio a chance to operate.

The original motion was rescinded and a new motion was introduced subject to delegating the authority to the CAO to set the required conditions in consultation with the BIA, Director of Public Works and Engineering.

Currently October 31st is the deadline to remove all patios from downtown Collingwood streets. The patios re-appear April 1st.