Developers Oppose Changes to Noise By-law

Balmoral Village is just one of many major construction projects either underway or about to launch in Collingwood

More area developers are speaking out against proposed noise by-law amendments that could restrict building activity on weekends.

Collingwood Council will address the noise by-law issue once again at its regular meeting on Monday April 30th.

Andrew Kidd is the President of Devonleigh Homes.

He has written to Council opposing recommendations outlined in staff report #C2018-06 that focus on the construction/building community.

“New development represents one of the largest employers in Collingwood. Given the nature of our industry most individuals are self-employed. Flexibility is a key factor in allowing contractors to remain competitive while facing demanding timelines, which often become affected by unfavourable weather.”

Kidd says recommended noise by-law restrictions would result in tradespeople seeking employment elsewhere because they wouldn’t be able to make a sustainable living.

“We can’t put enough emphasis on how difficult it is to retain qualified, respected tradespeople.

Paul Arnill is President of Seely and Arnill Construction.

He has written to the Town to express his concerns about construction restriction recommendations for Saturdays and Sundays.

“As local contractors with many years of working both within and around the Town, we wish to strenuously object to this new proposed bylaw.”

Arnill says his firm doesn’t make it a practice of working on Saturdays, Sundays or statutory holidays, but points out there are times in the short construction season when it is necessary to do so.

“Such a proposed bylaw would no doubt be arbitrarily imposed and could in the future be forced on others in the community including manufacturing, transportation and people simply cutting their grass.”

Matt Kofoed is with Grandview Homes and is the Site Supervisor of Building for the MountainCroft subdivision.

“We base our construction schedule largely on a 5 day work week. However, inclement weather and other reasons beyond our control lead us to work many weekends. Many of our local trades rely on this for their income and we, as the builder, rely on this to complete our homes on time.”

Kofoed says restricting weekend work completely will negatively affect his company’s business and could cause it to miss closing dates.

“I understand that people like to enjoy quietness on the weekend, so I am proposing that we restrict work on Sundays and maintain working hours on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. This way we can stay on schedule and maintain the quality that our homeowners have come to know.”

Thom Vincent is the President of Balmoral Village

Construction continues at Balmoral Village in Collingwood’s west end. President Thom Vincent says he would support the compromise of construction hours on weekends.

“As a developer in Collingwood, I would support the compromise of construction hours on the weekend, with any heavy equipment, from 0800-1800 on Saturdays. Not on Sundays and Holidays. If the Council should decide on any further time restrictions on the Saturday, this could/will have catastrophic effects on the development engine for Collingwood.

Corey Hoffarth is the President and Owner of Grey-Bruce Construction Limited.

He has written to the Town to say that his company does not support the proposed Noise By-law amendments.

“We already struggle with inclement weather, load restrictions on roads, and Stat holidays to complete projects. As a consequence of this By-law passing, our projects will take up more time and resources and will end up costing our clients more money.”

Hoffarth says his company pours concrete Monday through Friday and uses Saturdays to complete and clean up job sites.

James Cassidy from Clearlight Electric in Collingwood says he does not support the proposed by-law.

“I have read and understood the proposed by-law and feel that it singles out the development industry in a discriminatory manner. The proposed by-law gives consideration to the residential use of equipment such as generators or air compressors and to the tourism industry but limits the use of similar equipment in the construction field.”

Cassidy says the timing of the enactment of the proposed by-law falls at the beginning of a new construction season and has the potential to impact current contracts in place that have been based upon the Town’s noise bylaw presently in place.

Council has also received a letter from Stonebrook Developments opposing the recommended changes to the Town’s noise by-law.

“My partners and I have recently made a commitment towards investing over a hundred million dollars in Collingwood’s downtown district with a focus to create a flagship mixed-use condominium on the Monaco site.”

The company states council’s adoption of the new noise by-law would seriously undermine its ability to meet time lines.

The proposed changes to Collingwood’s noise by-law will again be up for discussion at the regularly scheduled full Council meeting on Monday April 30th.

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